Children Eaten Soldiers Laugh

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Paid With Their Lives

They stood up for their rights, but paid with their lives. Soldiers came barging into their homes and forcefully removed them, dragging and screaming! Then taken to the dungeon from where they did not return. There, they were scourged and tortured. In the dungeon, they heard the sounds of wild beasts and knew that their fate was final. Their children were dashed into pieces before their eyes. Pregnant womenÂ’s wombs were cut opened by the sword while others were staked and flamed alive. The doors of hell had unleashed its fury!

Deifiers Given Ultimatum

They stood before their judges hoping for mercy, but there was none, except for those who denied what they once believed. Those who kept their faith were taken to the prisons and dungeons. Parents were warned that their children could die before their eyes and that there would be none to deliver them out of their hands! But parents refused to deny their faith, even though it meant their children losing their lives.

Fate of Children Sealed

Parents and children were separated from each other. The stake, lions and wood were brought to the place of execution. The trees stop swaying, the birds hush their singing, people beat upon their breast, and the heavens look down in awe.

The children were brought out from their prison cells. Spectators held their breath, some even laughed, believing that the childrenÂ’s fate were deserved. The cages of the hungry lions opened, each targeting their prey. The noises of music and laughter were heard by their persecutors. The jaws of the lions opened wide as they rushed toward the children and attacked them with such ferocity and tore their tiny bodies to pieces while their parents watched in utmost horror.

Pregnant Mothers and their Babies

The women were taken outside. Again spectators looked on as soldiers drew their swords and waited for a command to dash open the belly/abdomen of pregnant women. Once the command was given, their abdomens were opened wide as they fell to the ground with their dead babies. Husbands were forced to look on at this scene of barbaric debauchery.

Most Felt the Jaws of the Lions

Some husbands, single men and women were thrown in the arena to be eaten by hungry lions, much to the sickening pleasure of some spectators who laughed. But while they watched and laughed at the fear, pain and torment of their victims a chilling and dread of fear of judgement came upon their persecutors, their laughter seemed to cease as a result, yet, the rulers continued with their massacre.

The Stake

Those who were not eaten, tortured, and dashed opened were burnt alive. The fires were vehement about them and the smoke of their burning bodies filled the arena, with hardly anyone to pity them, yet, they sang songs of praises!

Humans Capable of Horrific Acts

They kill not because they were hungry but because they were blood thirsty. Unlike animals, that kill when they are hungry, hence, the reason why they were not fed before attacking the Christians. Had they been fed, the Christians would not have been devoured with such fury.

Humans Still the Same

The above information occurred centuries ago as a result of persecution of the Christian church. These Christians were killed in the most barbaric ways because of their belief. They were prepared to defy authorities in order to remain faithful to God. And History has always repeated itself; therefore, persecution of Christian will once again take place.