child outdoor swing set

The Lowdown On Popular Children’s Outdoor Swing Sets

There are many swing sets out in the market today and the choice on which to buy can be a very confusing and tedious task. There are many things you need to consider. How much fun is it for your child? Does it look nice on your backyard? Is it safe for your child’s use? Will it wear out easily? How much is it? These are just some of the questions you need to ask when you’re looking for the right outdoor swing set to purchase.

You can choose to get a basic outdoor swing set and then simply buy attachments over time, or you can buy a full set. Here are some recommendations to help you in your search.

TimberTots Penguin Palace Swing Set

This almost $2000 outdoor play and swing set comes with three swings, two bay swing extensions, a polyethylene slide and monkey bars. The high price tag hinges on the fact that it is probably the most well-built and sturdiest product of its kind in the market today. It can even be customized for an extra 30% cost, depending on the alterations and add-ons. You can choose from either the red pine or red cedar made set.

Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Retreat Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set

The Gorilla set caters to a child’s imagination. Retailing at around $2200, it is equipped with three play decks of different heights, a glider swing, a ten-foot wave slide, a telescope, a picnic table, swing hangers, a climbing rock wall, a sandbox, a tube slide, belt swings, and a play deck that’s about 60 square feet big. Whew! It’s a good buy for its price.

Tacoma Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set

Compared to the above two swing sets, the Tacoma retails at a very reasonable price of around $300. This is good for families who are working on a budget. It gives your kids the same level of fun and excitement using modest but still very sturdy play sets. It comes with an eight-foot wave slide, monkey bars, a lookout tower, two swings, and ladders that can also transform into a rock climbing wall. Aside from that, it also has a canopied playdeck.

Larkspur Wooden Gym Play Center & Swing Set

For $1200, the Larkspur is a reasonable buy considering that it has a spiral slide, a wave slide, monkey bars, two play platforms, a two-person glider swing, two belt swings, a rock climbing wall, a low sand box, and a built-in picnic table. Its quality is also guaranteed as it is made with a redwood and cedar.

Buying an outdoor swing set for your child doesn’t have to be too difficult. Just make sure you’re buying from a reputable play equipment maker because your key priority should be your child’s safety. It would be best if the swing set you purchase also has a warranty, so that you can easily have it repaired and maintained. There are many other swing sets out there. The suggestions here are merely some of the more popular ones today. Check the Internet for further reviews on these sets and others you may be considering.