Chick Issues: Dealing and Counter Dealing With A Female Partner

A humorous look into the not so secret inner workings of the female mind, good for a laugh.

So, what are the points of discussion that one can discover? Laughter and how one can take marital relationships and undo them using the skill of laughing and joy is one of the most important features of this essay. And, for those offended, please bear in mind that offense is not the focus or reason intended, but rather true happiness through the joy of laughter.

What is this Article About?
Listed below you will find no great insights into the female psyche, just some very old, but true jokes, that show the double standards that most woman have towards men. These jokes are not intended to be taken seriously they are just jokes are not meant to be insulting to females.

Please remember what you are about to read are some jokes about the common traits that women seem to share when it comes to the males of the species.

1) It is ok for a woman t ask if she is gaining weight, but the man will be in the dog house if he says anything but no, or if he hesitates in his answer.

2) Women often enjoy venting about how awful their families are, but the Man can never agree or participate in the family bashing.

3) Just like the fact mentioned in point number three, she will talk out against his kin as well, but here too, he must agree or else he cannot see clearly.

4) Only he can be called lazy if he forgets or fails to clear up the mess. But when she fails to do so, she will smile and claim that the reason behind this is not laziness but fatigue.

5) She is allowed to claim that if he is annoyed by her behaviour, he can leave. But, he can, under no circumstances, claim the same thing.

6) When he barks out at their kids, he must control himself because she never does the same. In her case, it is their kids who must learn how not to anger her.

7) He must always be prepared to grind and brew coffee when she wants it. But, he, as the man, should not ask for this favor to be returned. The reason behind this refusal is that she has not signed up for servitude.

8) If he keeps quiet, she will raise her voice in anger and force him to speak out. But, if he complies, she will raise her voice in anger again and order him to remain silent.

9) She will raise hell the moment he fails to comply with her important requests. But when he argues on the same lines, she will state that the same moral does not apply because each and every issue is crucial to her.

10) If he goes out and spends cash on something, she will claim that is a spendthrift. But, when she follows suit, the reason is that life is worth living to the fullest.

11) He has got to learn how to apologize to her because this is one of his major faults. She, on the other hand, is always willing to apologize. The only problem why she does not is that such an occasion has yet to arise.

12) He must spend a lot of time fueling their love, but she does not have to as she has worked hard and had a terrible day.

A woman is infinitely more beautiful, encouraging, entertaining, wonderful and humane than a man will ever be. But, women have their own particular peculiarities too, and some of these have been pointed out in the above eleven female secrets of being.

Characterizing someone, even if it is very politically incorrect, is not my intent, and this article is meant for laughs alone, so please treat it accordingly.