Chicago Apartment Hunting

Chicago Apartment Rental-Some Points to Ponder

Searching for an apartment rental in Chicago can be rather difficult if you are not given the appropriate foresight or knowledge. You must be aware of many factors while choosing an apartment for rent such as, rental charges, location, size of the apartment, available facilities and the rules and regulations of the rental agreement. Most rental apartment owners provide a virtual tour of their apartments on their web site. The potential Chicago apartment renter or buyer may take a virtual tour of the apartments and a convenient comparison of these apartments without having to waste a car ride.

Apartments Types
There are various Chicago apartments, which vary in size and type. The cheapest apartment is called studio. It is also known as an efficiency apartment, which consists of a large room used as living room, bedroom, a kitchen, and bath. This apartment will have only one entrance and does not provide the renter with much privacy. In larger apartments, the number of bedrooms will increase with cost and there is usually more than one entrance to these apartments. Like in other cities, Chicago offers apartments that are either furnished or unfurnished depending upon your needs. You will be able to find something of you liking in Chicago.

Apartments in Chicago will have the main entrance through a common lobby. Chicago apartment rental owners will staff doormen or an electronic security system to ensure the security of inhabitants. Guests will be required to page through the intercom system to the resident. If the renter knows the person, he will be buzzed into the front door and can proceed upstairs. There will be separate telephone lines, which are the responsibility of the tenant. The apartments will have a common mailbox. There will be carpeting, elevators, cable services, parking spaces or garages, air conditioning and extra storage spaces depending upon the rental price. The cleanliness of the apartments will be assured by common garbage collection through outside dumpsters.

Rules and Regulations
There are certain rules and regulations regarding the rental of an apartment. If you miss monthly payments, the owner has the right to enter your apartment and remove the items that are not listed as ‘exempt’ in of the rental agreement. The owner can keep the items with him until you pay the rent in full. The property owner may have the right to lock you out of the house giving the proper notice. The apartment owner can also disconnect the electricity to your apartment without any prior notice if you fail to pay. The apartment rental owner can charge you a fee to your water bills if you are late on payment. The Chicago apartment owner may report your default to consumer reporting agencies, rental history tracking companies and the property owners from whom you may try to rent in the future.

Landlords determine the requirements and regulations in order to rent an apartment. However, the tenant can be assured that there will not be any increase in the rent during the lease. The owner must give you prior notice to increase the rent at the end of the lease term.