Chia Seeds – Your Answer to Most Health Problems

Chia Seeds have been recognized as a ‘super food’ because of its numerous nutrients that help improve the levels of energy in the body. Chia seeds have been utilized in South America and Mexico for hundreds of years as a beneficial food source. It is also known as ‘running food’ because it helps promote endurance and stimulate high energy levels. Runner, athletes and warriors of the Aztec, Mayan and other Native American and Indian tribes would consume chia seeds in order to prepare for intense physical force.

Chia Seeds are proven to be healthy that contain complex carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly and metabolized over a long time. They help normalize the levels of blood sugar and improve digestion. They are also packed with essential fatty acids and nutrients that promote the function of the brain as well as support weight loss.

Chia seeds are known to be one of the most nutritious foods and have been a part of people’s basic diet for many years and they were even accepted as a trade piece for goods. One of the many benefits of chia seed is its capability to improve hydration because it is fiber soluble, which can hold up to twelve times its weight in water. Once consumed, chia works to hydrate the body, which is essential especially during an intense workout. When you mix a spoonful of chia into a glass of water and the seed would absorb the water and turn it into gel. The same thing happens inside the stomach when chia seed is digested. As soon as it is ingested, it tends to block the carbohydrates that are coming from the stomach enzymes, resulting to the slow digestion of carbohydrates. This way, the effects of the nutrients from the chia seeds are maximized. Chia seeds contain hydrophilic colloid that helps for better digestion and the nutrients from the seeds are metabolized efficiently and quickly to the blood stream, resulting to immediate nourishment of the body. Compared to others, the process of digestion of chia seeds is gentler and smoother on the intestinal tract and the stomach.

Chia Seeds contain nutrients including essential fatty acids especially omega 3. They also have vitamins, soluble fiber, minerals and protein as well as potent antioxidants. In fact, chia seeds contain almost 34% oil, 20% protein, 64% omega 3 fatty acids and 25% dietary fiber. The high levels of antioxidants include caffeic and chlorogenic acids, kaempferol flavonols and myricetin quercetin. Chia seeds also have trace amounts of sodium and they are gluten-free.

People who suffer from allergies are recommended to consume chia seeds. In addition, vegetarians can get the best nutrition from chia seeds especially fatty acids that are important for people who do not consume meat. With the seed’s mild taste, it can be included in different kinds of foods. Some people add chia seeds to baked foods. Chia Seed gel can be used for sauces, spreads and dips. A lot of individuals who want to lose weight also take advantage to the different benefits from the seed. The essential fats found in chia seeds help in weight loss and support the development of muscles.