Chi Kung Information

An ancient Chinese system for the development of internal energy, chi kung or qi gung (pronounced “chee goong”) is, like t’ai chi based on the principles of the Taoist religion as extended to Oriental medicine.

Unlike yoga, chi kung puts less emphasis on stretching movements and postures, and more on learning how to feel and move energy inside the body. Some of the basic chi kung drills involve standing still for anything from minutes to hours at a time, sensing the movement of energy in the body.

The Chi Kung program is a comprehensive one. It allows the student to pace themselves as to their interest and their time available. All levels of students are welcome. If all you want to do is study and have one form, you will find a program here to suit you. Some students choose to repeat the form so as to concentrate less on the mechanics of the movements and more on the “flow” of energy. Students who choose to do this, may do so at 50% of the cost. Some students choose to go on and learn another form.

Other chi kung exercises involve gentle, rhythmic swinging or stretching movements to generate and conserve energy, not to burn calories. The chi kung practitioner aims to avoid stress on joints and muscles and directs his or her awareness inside the body rather than concentrating on building up what the Chinese refer to as “external” strength in the form of tight, well-developed muscles.

As a result, chi kung practice develops enormous inner power in a pliable, flexible, relaxed body. An experienced practitioner can use the therapy not only for healing but also in a preventive capacity. Chi kung is one of the most effective of all Oriental methods for combating stress and is also becoming highly popular as a method of enhancing and managing sexual potential. Taoist “secrets” of how to conserve sexual energy are now receiving serious attention as an important part of resistance to the aging process.


Chi Kung helps to improve your overall health, body flexibility, balance and breathing.

You will exercise every joint, muscle, bone and organ in your body in a slow and methodical way.

To have even one Chinese moving meditation form for your use as you age will be a gift to your mind, body and spirit.

Chi Kung is an excellent practice for almost anyone!

People who learn and practice Chi Kung report wonderful results in pain management, stress reduction, increased energy and flexibility, better sleeping and overall improved health.

The main difficulty with chikung lies in finding a teacher who really knows how to develop internal chi power in students.