Chi Hair Straighteners: Smooth Your Hair in Style

Chi hair straighteners are a brand of flat irons that have gotten rave reviews since they first came out. For smoothing out frizzy hair or turning tightly curled locks into a smooth waterfall worthy of a shampoo ad, Chi hair straighteners work very well. Its ergonomic design and easy portability have made the Chi flat iron a very popular item among both at home stylists and professionals. In fact, quite a few stylists for celebrities use Chi ceramic hair straighteners to deal with their clients´ difficult hair.

Regular, old-fashioned hair straighteners made from metal can cause serious damage to hair, thanks to the rough surface of the heating plates. Chi flat irons use ceramic heating plates for a perfectly smooth finish. This means no surface damage to your hair, even if you are straightening it on a daily basis with a Chi hair straightener. The heating plates used in Chi ceramic hair straighteners also heat very evenly and use infrared technology, preventing hot spots, which can also be damaging to hair.

With a built in flash heater, Chi hair irons heat up in seconds so you can be ready to straighten fast. This combined with their compact size means these flat irons are perfect for taking on trips. You can even get a heat resistant storage pouch so the flat iron can be put away and packed up in your suitcase immediately after you’re finished using it, ideal for travel. There’s no need to suffer frizzy, unmanageable hair just because you’re on the road.

Chi hair straighteners are well known for their ease of use and the fact that they can be used to create smooth straight hair or any degree of controlled curls that you want. Being able to turn your hair from a frizzy rat’s nest into a head full of perfect ringlets is something that these hair straighteners can do quite well. The majority of these hair irons are just one inch wide, making them perfect for any styling technique. But if you plan to only straighten your hair, there is also a two inch version of the Chi flat iron available.

Like any hair treatment that uses heat to style, constant use of Chi hair straighteners can cause your hair to dry out, so it’s important to use Chi hair products whenever you straighten or style your locks. Spraying a heat protector on your hair before submitting it to heat will allow your hair to be styled or straightened without causing damage. There are also a variety of Chi hair products that are specifically for use with the Chi flat irons that work well to help style your hair with the heat that is used by the ceramic plates.

Hair straightening can be a tedious process. It can be speeded up with the use of negative ions and infrared heat that penetrates the hair and make the entire job a lot faster. The heating plates of a Chi ceramic hair straightener contain infrared technology to make straightening your hair easier and longer lasting. Depending on how thick your hair is and the type, the use of negative ions an infrared heat can even keep your hair straight overnight.

When looking for a good hair straightener, a Chi flat iron is a good choice. Though economical, they offer high quality and portability as well as the latest in technology with infrared heat. Chi hair straighteners are a good tool for both beginners or advanced hair stylists and work equally well in the hair salon or in your home.