Chewy Dog Toys

The Chewy Dog Toy

When it comes to dog toys, few toys can rival the chewy dog toy. Chewy dog toys are popular throughout the doggy community because they are able to occupy a dog’s time and energy for hours longer than traditional toys. Why? Because unlike toys that require running or large physical exertions, chewy dog toys can be played with anywhere at any time.

Dogs love being able to pick up their chewy dog toys to take them to their dog beds or hideouts. They like the size of chewy toys, which are usually far smaller than other dog toys. And they like feeling like they are animals of prey in the wild. Chewy dog toys, indeed, are the quintessential dog toy.

Here is an overview of three most popular forms of chewy dog toys.

1. Beafeaters
Beafeaters are rubber replicas of popular meat selections, such as steak, hot dog and pork. The Beafeaters do not necessarily have the taste or smell of meat, but they most definitely have the texture. Dogs love to dig their choppers into the thick rubber and pull it around as if they are simulating the actual act of eating. The experience appeals to their canine predator sensibilities as well as their eagerness to play.

2. Rubber bones
Rubber bones, much like standard dog bones, are the perfect size to fit into a dog’s mouth. The article is thin enough to be comfortable in the jaw and yet long enough for the animal to feel as if he is holding onto an article of substance.

3. Soft tennis balls
Tennis balls are quite possibly the most popular and quintessential dog toy. Whether soft or hard, the tennis ball is loved by dogs around the world as a recreational toy as well as a soft chewy toy. Make sure to purchase a soft rubber ball if you are in the market for a softer variety of toy.

Also, be on the look for chewy toys that also squeak. Dogs love the responsiveness of biting into a chew toy and hearing it respond, as if the chew toy is a friend or animal of prey. However, you should be aware that if you frequently work in the same room as your pet, you might want to remove the squeak from the toy so that you can concentrate.

Dogs also tend to gravitate towards plush animals, such as teddy bears. The plushness is soft and easy to hold onto, especially for puppies and older dogs. Furthermore, your dog will enjoy being able to cradle the plush animal in his doggy bed without feeling the discomfort of a hand object.