Chef Job Requirements

The Single Requirement to Become a Chef

Has it ever occurred to you that you might have been born to pursue a career in culinary arts? We all have our paths to take and each individual has his separate career to practice. You might have wanted to become a physician yet all roads seem to go nowhere near to it. Or, you might have been wanting to become an artist only to find out that years later, all you want to do is settle down in a monastery and live a spiritual life. There are lots of possibilities and each could propose the prospect of wasting the time you don’t have.

Once you get the feeling that you want something then let go of the reins and pursue it, this might be your only chance. So if you are thinking of spending your fruitful years as a chef then do everything you could to be able to arrive to your desired destination.

The key here is commitment. Once you have committed yourself onto something, you are likely to succeed. Commitment is like the shepherd that will drive you towards your destination. It is like the fueling that would deliver you towards the goals you have set prior to your decision to pursue the career.

Without commitment, you would not even stand a few months of works. Being a chef is quite a task and it needs some endurance. One has to endure long hours of standing for preparation of dishes. You might start as a potato peeler or a dishwasher or anything but someone who is preparing the dishes.

And one thing is for sure- being a chef is a hard stuff. It takes lots and lots of dedication.

You need commitment on education. Normally, college ends a person’s education life. After which, everything is about making fortune and making a name in a chosen industry. Your career as a chef however, will require you to attend school…again. Yes, either you choose a one-year, two-year or a bachelor’s course, there surely is one path ahead of you.

If dream of making yourself into an executive chef or as head cooks, it is important that you have a number of years of training and formal education. Training alone would not only require you to sweat-til-you-drop but would also require lots of patience and endurance.

Normally, apprenticeship or internship is required if you want to get hired in a priority position. However, if you choose to be employed as a cook or food preparation worker, training comes from everyday work and not specifically from formal educational settings.

It is hard to survive a life of a chef if all you are after for is prestige and money. There is not much money in this industry unless you work for some high-end restaurant or if you are the host of a lifestyle program centering on foods.

The median hourly earning of an ordinary chef ranges anywhere from $9-$15, depending on the establishment you are working for.

On day to day basis
The daily life of a chef is pretty exhausting. He has to prepare, plan and create recipes. Personally plan all the ingredients and cook the recipe. Order food supplies on all other necessary supplies and estimate food requirements for specific periods.

If you think you cannot endure these hassles, it is best that you reconsider your options in becoming a chef. However if you have passion for food you’ve got enough endurance to get you going through the toil each day possess, you would only have to brace yourself into committing the best of your years in your career as chef.