Checklist for your Wedding

Top notch wedding checklist

# Irrespective of whomever you chose to provide necessary services, make sure that you state your needs exactly including the stuff you don’t want or want to avoid, leaving no scope for any vagueness. Make sure that you put them down on paper and the providers sign the agreement.

# Verify all arrangements with the vendors and providers by meeting them at least 72 hours before the d-day. Confirm times, dates, menus, locations and their services by rereading them. prepare a master list of their phone numbers; mail them a reminder note with all specifications and instractions. Make sure they know their way to the venue.

# Never ask family or friends to provide any services, always hire professionals. You will be at a loss, if you do not like the outcomes especially in the areas of photography, food and flowers. Paid services would always bring in professionals and can be expected to do their job perfectly. Make sure that the bartender is not a friend of yours. He may end up getting the party drunk without any evil intentions.

# Take care of your wedding dress, never try to alter or iron it. In case you need any alterations or ironing, call the bridal shop. Do not smoke, drink or eat with the wedding dress on. Keep the wedding dress away form pets and outdoors. Make sure you rehearse your movements with the dress on before the wedding, to get the hang of its movements and trail. Make sure the bridesmaid’s dresses are altered in your presence to make sure they are not too short, loose or tight.

# Always try to have a spare for all electronic equipment used – camera, tape recorder etc. along with batteries, just in case they dont work.

# Make sure you are licensed to marry, get you marriage license prior to the marriage and carry it on the wedding day.

# Make sure there is someone responsible to take care of the last minute details, like attending phones, feeding the guests, minding children etc.

# In order to make sure you are punctual, try a trial run to the wedding site a day or two before at the appointed time. You will get a hang of the route and traffic conditions.

# Carry the emergency bag that must contain – a needle and thread, nail polish, hair pins or clips, safety pins and an extra pair of undergarments. Make sure you have the emergency medications in it, if you suffer from any condition. You could include some light snacks, in case someone gets hungry. # Avoid late night on the wedding eve. Also avoid drinking alcohol and coffee in excess, so that you will be in good spirits on the d-day.

# The last but the most important – Never panic…! Don’t let the small things disturb you and stand in your way. Keep your smile in place and use the ultimate weapon – your sense of humor. Nothing or no one is ever perfect, but all of us strive to be. All the very best.

Copyright (c) 2007 Yehiel Carter