Check Your Attitude!

During our recent move we stopped in a gas station near our home for a drink and to use the restroom. The woman behind the counter sat in her seat smoking a cigarette and without a “Hello” or anything she tells me the price. I give her a 20 and licking her fingers, she counted out my change. I thought to myself, how filthy her fingers must be touching all that money and then licking them as she gives me back my change with some of her saliva on it. Yuck! I wasn’t impressed, not with the station or the clerk.

A few days later we stopped in the same station, this time I stayed in the car while my wife and daughter went in. After a few minutes I looked up to see my wife talking to the clerk, (a different one) laughing and smiling for quite some time. When she came out, she said that she was such a nice woman and wished she and her daughter would move near us.

We visit the same store two different times, one time we could care less about ever coming back and the next time we wanted to stop back in just to say hello. Why? The attitude of the person we were dealing with.

I promise you as a rule of thumb, the better the attitude a person has, the more successful they are, the more friends they have and the quicker they are promoted. Let me give you a nugget of information that will help you. People do not like to be around negative people. The world does enough of a job, tearing people down in general, we certainly do not want to associate with, do business with or fellowship with the prune face grouches of the world. Managers and employers do not want them dealing with their customers, nor do they want them being their partners. Having a negative attitude breeds negativity while a positive attitude breeds positive results. Try it this week. Be overly positive with those you encounter, smile, tell a joke or two, make those you come in contact with feel better and watch what happens to your day, all of a sudden you will notice that you are receiving back the very same thing you are sowing. A good attitude may not entirely make your problems go away by themselves, but it sure makes dealing with them easier.

Give yourself a check up:

1. Would you say you are a joy to be around?

2. Do you speak more about negative things than positive?

3. Do people seem to avoid you?

4.Do you have to check the phone to see if it is working because no one calls you anymore?

You may need to adjust that attitude of yours! It may take some time getting used to fighting the urge to put the frown on or be nasty and mean faced, but it will be worth it, not only for you but for everyone who has to deal with you as well.

Footnote: Remember, joyful people are healthier, heal quicker and live longer than those with negative attitudes.

Bob Wagner is a Pastor and Motivational Speaker. You may contact him by email at or visit his website for more articles like this one.