Check Your Attitude

There have been countless books written on positive thinking and having the right attitude and focusing on what you want. Look at bestselling books of the past 30 years like “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale or “The Success System That Never Fails” by W. Clement Stone… it’s all about your focus or your attitude or your beliefs in yourself and what you’re doing. And these are the factors that make all the difference.

Let’s look at it on a surface level-your attitude. If you had an opportunity to work with someone who had a good attitude or someone who had a bad attitude, who would you prefer to work with? Simple question, right? Obviously you’d want to work with the person with the good attitude.

This is how life works in many ways. People who have the right attitude tend to get ahead much faster than those who don’t. Even if you look at people who are not necessarily the friendliest (one attribute of a good attitude), someone like Larry Ellison for example, who is not reputed as ‘friendly’ but still, his attitude is one of a winner-he has a good attitude in a certain way. And having this winner’s attitude drives people to work with him.

A Servant’s Spirit

The attitude of a servant is one of commitment to providing value to other people’s lives. This is one of the fastest ways to win friends, make more money and get ahead in life. If you set your focus to providing as much value you possibly can to as many people’s lives as you possibly can, you will be in a fantastic position to receive multiple rewards.

It should be said that there’s not much room for ego in the business of serving others. Sure, you can have a big ego and still provide massive value to people’s lives. Just look at Trump, he helps provide housing for thousands of people through his building projects. Fortunately however, ego is not a requisite for success. Often times it is a barrier.

The big key is the attitude – are you in the business of providing value to others or not? If you want better results in your life, figure out how to provide more value to more people – it’s just that simple and just that easy.