Cheap Skin Care Products – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson on a recent shopping trip when a close friend offered to loan me money so that I wouldn’t buy the cheap skin care products I had placed in my shopping cart. She thought I skimping because I was short of funds. The truth is, I thought that all cosmetic products were alike and so I wanted to save a little money by buying the cheap skin products.

But, thanks to my friend, I found out that when it comes to cheap skin care products, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

She asked me if I ever read the labels on the jars of these creams and lotions. I had to admit that I never had. My thinking was, “if it feels creamy and smells good, it has to be good.” That’s when she pointed out that the ingredients that make up cheap skin products are specifically designed to make a substance that feels and smells good. But when it comes to doing anything to improve the health of your skin you’re better off sticking to soap and water.

My friend challenged me to compare the ingredients that appeared on the label of each product in my basket. I have to say I got a little uneasy reading all the chemical names that sounded as if they could remove paint instead of my fine lines and wrinkles. Paraben, dioxane, acrylamide, alcohols, petrolatum are some the more scary sounding chemicals that appeared on almost every jar.

I decided to look a little further into the substances that make up these cheap skin products and I found that some of them, like dioxane and acrylamide, have been liked to cancer of the breast.

I also discovered, that just like gasoline, petrolatum and its cousins, paraffin wax and mineral oil, are petroleum by-products.

Other ingredients are included simply to keep the product fresh on the your shelf for a long time. These are preservatives that do nothing to preserve the health of your skin.

Cheap skin care products also commonly contain alcohol and fragrance. Alcohols are drying to the skin. And the chemicals that make up fragrances can also expose you to harm.

I had to ask my friend how she happened to get so smart about skin care ingredients. That’s when she admitted that she had also been in the habit of trying to save money with cheap skin care products. But she has always had problems with sensitive skin and these products were causing flare-ups and inflammation. So she did some simple research on line and discovered an educational website that informed readers about which ingredients to avoid and which ingredients were truly healthy for the skin.

I wasn’t surprised when she told me that the website recommended ingredients that are natural. The website explained that natural ingredients seem to be more readily available to skin cells. This, of course, made a lot of sense to me.

Substances like Vitamin E and CoQ10 enzyme are more readily absorbed into the cell where they support healthy cell function. On the other hand, she said that she learned that the chemical ingredients in cheap skin care products clog the pores and smother the cell so that it can’t function normally.

My friend went on to tell me that the website talked about some other exciting, breakthrough (still natural) ingredients that have been proven highly effective on clinical tests with human volunteers. I specifically remember her mentioning a substance that’s extracted from a special type of Japanese kelp. It made me think of all the beautiful Japanese women I’ve seen that seem to be ageless.

Well, needless to say, I visited the website and learned a lot more about why the cheap skin products I was using could hurt me. I also read up on the clinically-tested products this website was recommending.

I’ve since purchased and used these products and I’m happy to say that my skin has never looked or felt better. AND I love the fact that they’re delivered to my front door.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Why don’t you visit this website and see if you don’t find it as informative and helpful as I did? Then when it comes to cheap skin care products, what you do know CAN HELP you.