Cheap ISDN Phone Line Rental – How Do I Get It

Once the service is installed to the NTU you will need to have your PABX phone system Maintainer connect the services by jumping the lines to the Phone system.

The Multi Line ISDN 102030 product is unique in that it is available in any increment over 10 channels (10 lines). 10 Channels is the minimum and then you can add additional single lines if required. With the Telstra ISDN 102030only increments of 10, 20 or 30 channels are available. With a Multi Line ISDN you could for example have 14 channels.

If less than 10 ISDN channels are required the only option is Telstra network ISDN 2 service with can be taken in multiples of 2 …eg 2,4,6,8 channels. Its easy to add channels (lines) as your business grows or to reduce lines if down sizing.

The other unique feature of Multi Line ISDN 102030 is the Line rental. The Line rental is determined by the length of contract with a 36 month agreement getting $20 per channel line rental. This is around $10 per month cheaper than Telstra Network services. Over a 30 channel service the savings can be quite substantial and Multi Line also offers cheaper call rates.

A ISDN 102030 Service must be used in conjunction with a PBX Phone system equipped with a Primary Rate PRI card. The user is then presented with a dynamic pool of lines available to them. No specific channel is allocated to any specific location or handset. The channels (lines) are shared amongst the users for outgoing calls and incoming calls can be directed as required.

A 100 number DID range is available on Multi Line ISDN. A 100 Number DID range is essentially a block of 100 numbers allocated to the to the customer and can be used to allocate numbers to individuals, departments or for example a particular number to measure the response for a sales campaign.

A Full range of additional services such as In Coming Caller ID presentation, Line Hunt, Outgoing Caller ID presentation blocking, Call Forward and Call waiting are all available on the Multi Line Service.

As an Alternative to Telstra network ISDN 102030, Multi Line makes a compelling case if your business is located within their exchange areas.