Cheap Exercise Equipment

One of the best ways to get a hold of some usable home gym equipment is to check out yard sales. Of course many people would overlook this option but if you look you are able to find some great equipment at a great price.

It is all too common for someone to get new exercise equipment for Christmas or as a New Year’s resolution only to use it once or twice and let it collect dust in the corner until they get tired of looking at it and sell it. You may also run into someone who is upgrading their equipment.

You can usually see big exercise equipment from the street before you even get out of your car making it very easy to spot out in a yard sale. When you see something that looks promising don’t be afraid to ask any questions. In fact the more questions you ask the better idea you will have of the type of shape the equipment is in.

You want to ask the seller when they bought it and how often they used it. Also ask them if they cleaned it or had to perform any maintenance on it. If they didn’t use it very often ask they how long it has been sitting there in their home idle, and where it has been stores. These are all important questions that will tell you how the quality of the equipment is and if it is even worth the super discount price.

After you have asked questions, or even prior to talking to the owners you need to look the equipment over closely and make sure it is functional as well. You want to look closely and make sure there aren’t any missing pieces that go to the equipment such as missing screws or safety pieces.

See how well oiled the equipment is and be sure to ask if they still have the original manual that came with it. This manual will give you a great idea as to what the machine looked like when the sellers’ first purchased it.

The manual is useful in many ways as it will tell you how to use the machine as well as the basic care and maintenance that is required. If you find missing or damages pieces then don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. People are usually trying to get rid of the equipment and are more than willing to give it to you at a steal.

When you are checking out local yard sales looking for exercise equipment then one thing to keep in mind is the prices you will accept. Try to familiarize your self with some equipment or even use your cell phone and call someone to check online for the price of the exact machine you found brand new. Knowing how much the original price was will help you determine how much you should be willing to fork over for a used piece of equipment.