Cheap Car Transport Services

If you are thinking about having a car transport company ship a car for you, you should first know what your options are in having this done. There are different options available to you when shipping a car. And you should know how this will benefit you. You want to go with the cheapest prices when getting your car shipped and a company that will offer good reliable safe service. Getting your car shipped is a scary process if you have never had it done before. But can be pleasant if you know what to expect.

An open multi car transport is a very good economical option for shipping a car. Your car will be on a large car carrier aboard a long truck. These are the same kind of trucks that deliver new cars to automobile dealers. Cars are shipped on these trucks everyday and are a good way to transport your vehicle and get it shipped from one location to another.

You will have a pick up window, which means a time surrounding the time of your pick up date. Some shippers have a two week window that within that time they can pick up your car. Cheaper carriers may not have a pick up date and sometimes you may not see your vehicle until several weeks later. The cheap car transport company should have a license and carry insurance. You should make them show proof of this to you. If you go with a cheap transport company that does not have license or insurance then you are not protected against any theft or damage.

Inexpensive car transport may be cheaper in price but will probably not have the same service as the more expensive car transport companies will have. So if you have certain expectations when having your car shipped you should check out what each company offers and then decide.

When you are looking around for a cheap car transport company check what the total cost of the shipping will be up front. This will help you find out if there are any other hidden costs during the transport. You should find out quotes from other car transport companies and be prepared to provide information about your car and other information such as location of pickup, date of departure, information about your car such as size and type and other information that they may need.

If your car is not delivered on the agreed dates some auto transport companies may reimburse you some amount of cash per day towards the rental of an automobile. There are many car transport companies out there today so it would be easy to find a cheap one. Just check them out beforehand and make sure they offer the type of service that you need and that you are happy with the price. If you are on a budget you should be able to find a car transport company in your price range. Shipping a car through a car transport company can be a pleasant experience if you research your information a head of time.