Charity Fund Raising Through Auctions

Charities Can Make Money Through Auctions

With competition that’s fierce, charities looking for donation dollars are finding more and more that it’s often better to give something in return for a person’s check. Finding the right method to attract donors, however, can be tough.

Online auction sites open up a door that’s huge for charities. By providing a place for nonprofits to market donated items, promotional items and more, charities can bring in dollars from locations all over the world. Even local charities can greatly increase their donation base if the items they have up for grabs appeal to those outside their market. In essence even very localized charities can obtain funding from people who would otherwise never know about their cause and might not even care to support it.

What many charities are doing to help earn extra cash is creating their own online auction storefronts. Taking items that are donated to them, generally for thrift stores or yard sales, these organizations are making a marketplace that’s fresh, interesting and chock full of goods. From new merchandise to celebrity donations and beyond, the charity offerings are nothing to sneeze at either.

With items ranging from high end to every day, charity auctions include a variety of goods and buyers can take comfort in knowing part of their purchase directly benefits a good cause. Organizations that use online auctions to boost their funding include those that help children, animals, poverty stricken and even those that help fight disease and illness. Just about every cause imaginable is gaining from the online auction experience.

Why is that? Exposure.

Online auction sites see thousands and thousands of visitors each day. A typical charity thrift store may only see a few dozen walk-in customers in a day. The kind of exposure online charity auctions can obtain is simply unbeatable as many sites even go out of their way to promote the charity auctions, even for localized nonprofits.

Private sellers, too, can even donate some of their proceeds directly to charity through some of the auction sites. This enables hobby sellers and even businesses to make sure a small percent of their profits go to a good cause. This is good for the charity, the seller and the buyer.

In an era when the competition for donation dollars is high, nonprofits need an edge to make sure they have necessary funding. Online auctions are helping give nonprofits the edge they need while making sure donors get something in return for their dollars.