Change Your Booking Attitude and Watch Your Direct Selling Business Explode

Are you getting as many bookings as you would like with your Direct Selling Company? An interesting thing happened while I was on a phone call the other day. The consultant at the other end of the line said to me, “NO ONE wants to have parties during the summer!” I replied, “No one wants to have a party? How many have you asked?” She responded, “Well, I made about five calls the other day and all of them said they were too busy during the summer!” I paused for a few minutes and then asked another question, “Did you quit at five calls or did you keep on going?”

Well, I’m sure most of you know the answer to that question was, “I quit because I got tired of hearing NO.” How easy it is to get discouraged when you constantly let others control your business and your attitude about the business.

First of all, let me ask YOU a question. Because 5 people said “NO” to you does that really mean that NO ONE is having parties during the summer? I’ve talked to hundreds of consultants who have a full schedule for the summer. What’s their secret? They have learned to get past the NO and move forward to the next person! Have you ever heard the phrase, “Some will, some won’t, so what, Who’s next”? If you haven’t it perfectly describes the direct selling cycle of success.

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you are sick and tired of hearing about all the successful people who continually have bookings all year round. It’s much easier to hear about the others who are struggling because then everyone can feel miserable together. Why is it that we often find it difficult to listen to success tips being offered by someone who is successful BUT we listen with both ears to the consultant who is blaming everyone but herself for her lack of business. My gosh, when I was selling I did my best to avoid being anywhere near the negative people because I didn’t want them to “suck the life” out of me!

I remember telling my children as they were growing up that “nothing is impossible if you have a good attitude and learn the skills needed.” If they came to me complaining that they couldn’t do something and they hadn’t tried it yet, I would remind them, “don’t tell me you can’t do something until you’ve tried it!” How often have you looked at a task and decided before you began that it was impossible? It often isn’t the “impossible task” we have problems with but the “negative way in which we approach the task”!

A good friend of mine, John Fredrick used to tell us, “things are the way you like them, or else you’d change!” I happen to agree with him! If you don’t like the way your booking calendar is looking for the month what have you done to change it? How many “excited calls” have you made to get more bookings? If you have recently attended your company’s convention what did you do immediately when you returned home to build your business. If you are going to attend your company convention, what are you going to do when you return home to “build your business”?

I was at a convention recently and I spoke just before lunch on the last day of the convention. Two hours later, after the consultants had lunch on their own, one of the attendees came up to me and was really bubbling over! She told me that she was so excited after listening to me and hearing me tell them exactly what to say to the people they called when they returned home that she began making her calls right then and there. She had already booked about 8 parties for the following month just by sharing her excitement and a “special offer” with the people she was calling. WOW! What a great way to make use of your “down time” at a convention! She had learned a very valuable lesson, “harness your positive energy” and use it when it can deliver the most results!

We often let the emotional “ups and downs” of the business get the best of us! Over and over again I have people ask me, “how did you do it? Was it easy?” The truth is, it wasn’t always easy, but it is always doable! Listening to “Motivational and training material” EVERYDAY was one of the ways I kept positive about the business! Also, if I began to start dwelling on any negatives of the business I quickly reached for a paper and pen and began to list the positive benefits of my direct selling business. Small paychecks soon began to grow and my how your attitude can change when you continually get a sizable check at the end of the month!

Make sure you continually promote your company Hostess program so that your customers understand the value of hosting a party with you. There is no need to “beg for bookings” when you can offer everyone the chance to earn some free or discounted products! All of us love a bargain! Demonstrate to your customers the “potential savings” they can have when they host a party with you and you will increase your bookings! Get really, really excited about what you are “offering”!

Remember This is a Business and in order to make your business succeed you need to continually think positive about your business and do things that will produce “Positive Results”. If something doesn’t turn out the way you expected, laugh about it and DO IT DIFFERENT NEXT TIME!

You are so lucky to be with a Direct Selling company, having the freedom to work your own hours and the ability to control your income. ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE? I hope you are, and if not keep positive and keep on trying and as Zig Ziglar always says, “I’ll see YOU at the TOP!”