Change the World Today

I have a friend who recently spent two months in Vietnam volunteering in an orphanage. I think she’s amazing and I really admire her commitment to this – but I could no more see myself doing this than I could giving up my entire shoe collection! However, I like to think that each week we could all do something that even in a small way, that helps improve the world around us.

Some suggestions for you for this week if you want to make a difference:

1. Give Blood. My Mum has been a huge inspiration to me in this area. You see – I’m a big chicken when it comes to needles, but through my Mum I know the blood bank needs your blood!

Here’s a story from the Australian Red Cross website which I hope will make you realise that you can take half an hour out of your day to help save a life (it’s not many weeks you get to say that!)

Leona thought she knew what to expect from the birth of her third child, Harrison. But she wasn’t prepared for the complications that arose during and after the birth, which caused her massive internal bleeding. During her three-day stay in intensive care, she received blood from 19 different donors. Leona still remembers doctors telling her how lucky she was to be alive. She is now completely well, thanks to those anonymous blood donors who saved her life.

2. Offer to Mentor someone who is at a stage in their career where you once were. I would not have achieved half of what I have without people out of goodness of their own hearts offering me their assistance and guidance.

3. Read a Book. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But if you read a book about financial literacy and then share that message with your partner or child or friend – you increase their financial literacy. If you read a great work of fiction and it improves your spirits and all you do is smile a bit more, you also help make the world a happy more educated place.

4. Share your Knowledge. Each week I send out a free weekly email from with you in the hopes that I can reach and engage a whole heap of people at once. You can do the same thing – share your knowledge and experience.

5. Make someone’s day today. Strive to have at least one person go home with a smile on their face today because of something you’ve said or done.

So while you may not be making a grand gesture like my friend going to the orphanage – there’s some small ways you can get started today on making the world a better place. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t change the entire world all in one big go. By helping even just one person – you can change help their world.