Change Strategy for Success

silhouette of man standing on high ground under red and blue skiesThe ability of Mankind to adapt to change has made us the most successful species on this planet. Without this ability we would not have the technology and industry that we have and are continually developing.

Change is a part of living and without it we would stagnate. We shape the environment, in an attempt to make life safer and more comfortable, at an ever increasing pace. This creates new challenges to overcome with new opportunities enabling us to develop as a species. For the external world there are plans and models put into practice at the organisation level for controlling change. There are change strategies in place. Individually we must adapt to follow external changes, but are we aware of our own change strategy?

The successful person is always willing to adapt and change with the world around them. The really successful person is one who is able to create change in the world around them. An aware and inquisitive mind is essential. Therefore, the successful person must be sensitive to the world around them. A top businessman, for example, needs to be conscious of gaps in the market that they are ready to exploit. He needs a change strategy and to be aware of it and when to use it.

A positive frame of mind will form the base of a can do attitude. People who think positively are far more likely to see challenges rather than problems or opportunities rather than difficulties. The positive mental attitude of the successful businessman means that opportunity becomes a reality because they also have the drive and motivation to succeed and make their dream come true. So as you can see there is much to be gained from developing a state of optimism in your character with regard to change. The problem for a lot of people is in developing this optimism and overcoming bad habits of pessimistic attitudes. In essence, a confidence is required.

One of the reasons top businessmen are able to adapt and change so readily is because they remain optimistic in their appraisal of change. Rather than running terrified of the unknown successful business people are eternal optimists and embrace the unknown. A change means a fresh opportunity. It is no surprise that the most dynamic and successful people are those who change and adapt accordingly to the environment and the situation. It fits in with Darwins survival of the fittest.

Develop optimism. Develop a change strategy in your mind to maintain the habit of confidence in your ability to regard change with interest, fascination and excitement.

Optimists are self-disciplined and persistent in what they want to achieve in their life. Optimists plan and take action to move forward. They constantly learn about how to get better at their skills. Their self-confidence helps them to look for solutions and lead them to success in their goals. If you are pessimistic it is time to shed your pessimistic attitude and develop optimism in its place. There is no place in the world of success for negative attitudes. Think about what you can do rather than the normal trend of what you cannot. Focusing on deficiencies is certainly important for self improvement but being overly critical and analytical is not. The trick is to find the balance, it is important to remind yourself what you are good at if you are to have the confidence to tackle new things.

Having the courage to learn and change may not necessarily make you a happy person, but it will help you negotiate hard times more smoothly and successfully as well as learn from these experiences. Understanding how your mind works helps you to know when and how to manage your mind to make the process of adaptation happen more smoothly and perhaps more quickly. It also helps you monitor both the conscious and unconscious spheres of your mind and gives you feedback about whether you are adapting successfully. It gives you a change strategy.