Championship Football With Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

Football fans across the country can count on Kansas City Chiefs tickets for some of the best football action anywhere. The Chiefs are known to be one of the most consistent teams around, despite suffering a terrible slump when it first crossed over from the AFL to the NFL.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a part of the National Football League and play under the American Football Conference and the AFC West. The Chiefs’ home ground is the Arrowhead Stadium and they currently have three league championships to their name and eight Division titles. They have yet to win a Conference championship.


The Chiefs started out as an American Football League team, started by Lamar Hunt who was the son of an oil tycoon. After Hunt was denied an NFL franchise, he decided to start his own, which was called the Dallas Texans at the time. However, Dallas already had a football team and though the Texans were playing good football, the city simply could not manage two teams. The team was shifted to Kansas and renamed the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the AFL, the Chiefs were the most powerful team and most AFL fans lined up for Kansas City Chiefs tickets to watch them play. This was often termed the glory years of the Chiefs, with the icing on the cake being when they became the second AFL team in history to defeat an NFL team for the Super Bowl. When the team became part of the NFL, fans expected big things from the Chiefs.

Struggles and Success

Fan’s expectations and Kansas City Chiefs ticket sales were sky high once the Chiefs hit the NFL but something was wrong. The team seemed to be struggling and couldn’t re-create the glory they had shown in the AFL. Into the seventies, their performance got worse and worse and no amount of shaking up seemed to be doing the trick. Bad management, strikes and team incompatibility were taking their toll on the Chiefs.

Things took a real change in the nineties, when Marty Schottenheimer took over as coach. The Chiefs began playing what came to be known as Martyball and finally got their groove back. Not only that, Kansas City Chiefs tickets were being sold left, right and center to a legion of loud and rowdy fans which brought a ‘college atmosphere’ to the game.

In the new millennium, the playing power and Kansas City Chiefs tickets were both on a high. Under new coach Vermeil, the Chiefs used tactics from the Greatest Show on Turf to give themselves that winning edge. Today they are one of the strongest teams on the field. And exactly where are all those Kansas City Chiefs tickets going to? To the loudest fans in the NFL, of course! ChiefsĀ’ fans have been clocked in at a decibel rate of 120, which is the same amount of noise a jet liner makes when it takes off.

If you’re ready to take in some of the loudest and best football on the NFL circuit, then you can’t go wrong with Kansas City Chiefs tickets. Get to an authorized ticket vendor and buy them online.