Champion Juicer – Can Even Make Ice Cream, Smoothies and More

Champion juicer is one of the first juicers you should consider if you’ve ever thought about buying a juicer.

The Champion model has been manufactured and continually improved upon since 1955.

A lot of newer juicer companies will try to sell you with hype about various benefits that only their juicers have, but with continual research and development on one product since 1955, it’s presumably safe to say that if anyone know the best way to juice, it’s Champion.

Champion juicers are laughably easy to use. You don’t need to be the slightest bit mechanically-inclined to disassemble or reassemble it, as there are no tricky bolts, screws or clamps you’ll have to deal with.

Cleaning it is easier than cleaning other juicers, as a great deal of the pulp is ejected out of the machine into a disposable bag while you’re juicing.

The Champion machine is more versatile than several other juicers on the market today. This juicer can do more than just make fresh juice. Ice cream, baby foods, sauces even nut butters and delicious fruit smoothies are just some of the other natural and healthy things you can make at home with this juicer.

Champion juicer parts are among the most powerful and durable on the market. It’s heavy-duty, industrial strength motor is backed by an unheard of 3-year warranty. The other juicing parts boast an even better 5-year warranty.

This reliable juicer uses stainless steel in almost all of its construction.

The juicer’s stainless steel cover is much better at resisting food stains and odors than the plastic covers most other juicers have.

Also, since the stainless steel blades are cast directly into the cutter, the Champion model is much stronger than other juicers.

Because of the blade placement, they simply can’t rust, bend, twist or separate.

If you’re in the market for a juicer, look no further than a Champion juicer. When it comes to juicers, you’d be a wise consumer to put your trust in the company that’s been producing their juicer since 1955.

The quality of this machine will astound you and you’re certain to see and taste the difference.