Celtic Jewelry – The Beautiful Mystery Unraveled

Mysteries and mystical objects always have the power to hold humans in awe. Celtic jewelry has a rich history that flaunts a proud tradition and the jewelry comes in intricate designs and serves as a reminder of the traditions and rituals followed by the Celts. Celtic jewelry is popularly known as Claddagh jewelry and is appreciated for its intricacy and traditional exquisiteness. Jewelers use numerous Celtic patterns like the cross and spiral to create mysterious jewelry pieces. Celtic spirals symbolize eternity and are abundantly used in Celtic jewelry. Celtic cross pre-dates the Christian cross for about two centuries and according to legend, St Patrick created the cross by drawing a circle over the Latin cross. Celtic cross: Catholics believe that the Celtic cross denotes eternity and endless love for the Almighty. It also represents the halo of Christ. Celtic cross is thought to represent superior knowledge, fortitude, and understanding to handle all trials and tribulations of life as compared to the Christian cross that protects the wearer from harm. Some say that the Celtic cross represents the four directions of the compass and some feel that it is the representation of human existence like mind, soul, body and heart. Celtic Knots: Celtic knots are the most distinguishing features of Celtic jewelry, with intricate designs and patterns. Numerous ancient designs had some significance and every symbol’s meaning changed within every tribe and location. A celtic knot denotes eternity and interconnectedness and yet, you will not find any definitive guide that explains the Celtic knots. Celtic rings and bracelets are the most popular Celtic jewelry items and usually complete the symbolism. Before buying wedding bands, you must understand the meaning behind the knots to enjoy the illusive feel of the Celtic wedding bands. Many ancient motifs are generally embedded into mysterious cultures that are part of Celtic history and some knots are as ancient as 20,000 years. Knot works are synonymous with Celtic style thus making the rings more sacred and highly sought after. Celtic music and poetry is known to bring love and the soul together. Celtic wedding band knots express two different paths as in souls intermingling with each other to project interconnections that can be viewed as tapestry. Celtic rings and bracelets can be given to friends as a gesture of love and loyalty. Celtic necklaces are also integral parts of Celtic jewelry and it entirely depends on the wearer’s preference. Pendants usually depict the image of Celtic figures like the ever-popular knot, spiral, serpent, Celtic cross and dragon. Such symbols have deep spiritual and religious meaning. Celtic jewelry enhances all dresses and adds a spiritual meaning to any occasion. You do not have to be Irish or Scottish to appreciate and wear Celtic jewelry. Whether you receive this classy set as a gift or as a personal keepsake, these unique and intricately designed pieces can be enjoyed to enhance your beauty. Journey of Celtic Jewelry Earlier Celtic people were found throughout the European countries as well as the British Islets where the earliest Celtic Jewelry originated. Celts were later influenced by the emergence of the Roman Empire and thus were forced to abandon their homes and relocate in the remote lands of Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, and Ireland etc. Despite all these hardships the Celts endured and thrived and continued producing the Celtic jewelry.