Celery benefits

It is a vegetable that has its origins in the wild celery from the Mediterranean basin. The celery has a thick and pulpy rhizome, reduced aerial stem and big, green pinnate leaves.

It is a cultivated plant, used as a nutriment, but also as a medicinal plant. For the therapeutic recommendations are used the roots, as well as the leaves and seeds. Also it is used as an aphrodisiac, febrifuge, hypotensive, in urinal retention, kidney disease.

These uses are due to the content of minerals and sodium (55mg %), calcium (235mg%), potassium (50mg%) and phosphorus (60mg%) salts, vitamins: A, B1, B2, C and microelements: iodine, magnesium, copper.

People say that the celery rejuvenates, as it stimulates the adrenal glands.

Therapeutic features
The celery’s roots are very useful in renal affections and for cardiovascular affections. It is also recommended in case of obesity because it eliminates water excess from tissues.

Having hypoglycemic properties it is a very good anti-diabetic.

For intestinal problems it can be used as a laxative and diuretic in this way: boil 40 grams of leaves in a liter of water. Filter and drink a cup a day. As a drink, can be consumed 100 grams in the morning before eating. Also, for diuretic effects, drink 2-3 cups of decoction made of 30 grams of roots and rhizomes per a liter of water.

For ophthalmologic affections drip on the eyelid some celery tea drops.

Tonic wine: is prepared of a shredded and macerated root, left for 48 hours in a liter of white wine with 100 grams of sugar. Drink 2-3 glasses of this perfumed wine. It has a diuretic, as well as a tonic effect.

Chilblain baths: boil an entire shredded celery in 2 liters of water for about 45 minutes. The frozen parts are held in the decoction as hot as it can be. It can be reheated and used 3 times a day. The treatment lasts for 3-5 days.

The rhizome and roots can be consumed raw. They act as a laxative, aphrodisiac and decrease arterial pressure.

The decoction (is made of 100 grams of celery – leaves and roots – at a liter of water) and the tincture (shredded celery roots – 30-50 grams of celery per 100 grams of alcohol, are left 7-10 days to macerate) are used to treat skin disease.