Causes Of Ringworm

What Are The Main Causes Of Ringworm?

What are the causes of ringworm? If you know someone who has it, you may be asking this very question. Ringworm is very contagious and causes a tremendous amount of discomfort. So, what are the reasons for it? Let’s take a look.

Direct Causes Of Ringworm

The most common cause is from direct contact with an infected person or a pet. Yes, you can get it from your pets. More on that in a minute.

The fungal causes of ringworm are all around us in our daily life. As incredible as it may sound, it is even found in the soil. The fungus loves warm, moist areas. This is why locker rooms are notorious for ringworm, or athletes foot. Most often, it will enter in through a break in the skin.

It is very easy to get ringworm from an animal or pet. It spreads so easily. You pick up your cat that is already infected, and play with it, and you can quickly become infected yourself. Working on a farm with livestock makes this also spread quickly.

Indirect Causes Of Ringworm

There are so many indirect causes to try and list. Some of the more common ways that it spreads are through:

sharing combs or brushes

sharing towels

picking up the unwashed clothes of someone who is infected

sharing hats or other clothes

gym mats – sleeping mats

locker rooms

unwashed areas around swimming pools

You can also get it by walking barefoot in infected soil.

It is easy to know if you’ve got it by seeing the patch of scaly, round red ring on your skin. If you’re not sure if it’s ringworm, you can visit a doctor and they can test it for you. While the causes of ringworm are numerous, it can be eliminated fairly quickly with the right home treatment for ringworm.