Causes of Low Libido in Women, Diminished Sex Desire in Females

Similar to men diminished sex desire in females can be due to physical or psychological reasons. Though, problem of low libido in women is more common than compared to men. Woman’s body have different share of responsibilities than man in human life cycle thus have some reasons which are different from men’s for low libido.

Anemia is very common disorder in woman which causes iron loss, it may occur due to blood loss in periods or malnutrition or due to dieting too much to stay in shape. This disorder also causes hormonal imbalance which causes diminished sex desire in females. The transition phases in every womanÂ’s life like pre-menopause, menopause and postpartum phases disturb the hormonal balance causing low libido in woman.

Some diseases like diabetes affect both men and women causing low libido. Some medications like tranquilizers and anti-depressant also diminish the desire for sex in females. Alcoholism and drug abuse are another common reasons for low sex drive in both men and women.

Stress is the biggest psychological and common reason for diminished sex desire not only in females but also in males. Woman get stressed out which affects the functioning of adrenal gland producing low quantity of estrogen and testosterone which is vital for igniting the desire for sex. Woman has some phases in life when it is very easy for them to get overwhelmed by stress and particularly for working women, this over stress causes low libido in woman very commonly.

Almost 50% of women experience changes in their organ at some point of their life this is like thinning, atrophy, tightening and dryness in the vulva. These changes cause irritation, pain, urinary disorders which may take away the desire for sex in female completely. Though these changes are normally temporary in nature but their dent on the psyche of woman is most of the time permanent, and woman loose their interest in sex to a large extent even after they have surfaced from the problem.

Depression and anxiety are two other psychological disorders that commonly affect men and women causing low libido. The medications used to treat these disorders may also affect adversely on the desire for sex and diminish it. Change in the prescription most of the times help in alleviating the problem but it may require some psychological treatment too in some cases.

Obesity and lack of nutritious diet are two other common reasons for low libido in women rather than men. Recent studies have shown that obese women tend to loose their desire for sex compared to men as women stop thinking themselves as attractive and rule out sex out of their lives or it dips very low on the priority list. Whereas, sometimes lack of intake of healthy and nutritious diet deprive women of necessary nutrients which at some time in their lives is needed more desperately than men, leads to serious hormonal imbalance causing diminished sex desire.

Issues in relationship or other factors like home, family, children, financial problems also cause low libido in women as they do to men, even if they are blessed with healthy body. Herbal supplements and medication is helpful in treating these reasons at any stage and without side effects for better sexual life.