Catholic Faith Living Today Way

The Way of Catholic Living Faith Today: A Realization

It cannot be denied that the Catholic faith living is too complex when compared with the other forms of religious beliefs. There are plenty of dogmas, scriptures, and deities that are revered by the Catholic faith itself. That is why it does not escape the fact that some other religious domains always find reasons to criticize the Catholic living faith. Take for example the rivalry that somehow exists between the Catholic faith and the Protestant belief.

It has become the habit of the Protestants to find several flaws out of the Catholic faith. In truth, these two religious domains cover a great length of difference. One of the many views in which these two differ is with regards to the perceptions about Jesus and Mother Mary.

As per the Catholic dogma is concerned, the Virgin Mary is revered and treated as a deity however, as for the Protestants, Mary is simply considered as the mother of Jesus Christ. There are lots of beliefs which are confined in the Catholic Church but that which are not revered in the Protestant faith.

Most importantly, the Catholics have placed Mary in a pedestal being the mother of Jesus Christ and due to it, there are many holidays which are followed in her honor. With lots of names for the Virgin Mary, she is also held as a wonder worker. She plays the role of being the mother of all and sundry. She is also believed to be the one who intervenes between the affairs of the men on Earth and Jesus Christ Himself. Meanwhile, for the Protestants, Mary is simply the life-giver to Jesus. She is not in any way revered with utmost consideration the same with what the Catholics believe.
Because of this, there are some Catholic believers who do not really become too confined or closed in their faith. They live the Catholic faith today in a manner that is simpler and uncomplicated. The closed-minded Catholics would often judge the other believers basing on the level of their faith. They oftentimes question the strength of their belief. One may simply say that he has the faith in the Catholic Church. But then faith needs not be vocalized. It must be shown. And there are many ways of testing the strength or weakness of the faith.

Basically, the term faith means fidelity, trust, confidence, persuasion, and even firmness. One’s way of living the Catholic faith today is no longer similar with the ancient times. If the time of Moses could be traced back in time, the mass then was still bloody with all the animal offerings and bloody manifestations. Now, the Church and its practices have become settled in moderation.

One’s biblical faith is more of a personal encounter or experience with God. It goes beyond being aware of the words inscribed in the bible. Living the Catholic faith today is vaguer for some because of the fact that they do not literally witness the wonder workings of God. It is just too sad to note that due to the materialistic point of view that eats up the generation of today, many of them no longer believe that there really is God. One more thing is that because of their busy lifestyles, they tend to be more occupied by their humanly activities and lesser time is spent for prayers.

In a way, their duties are no longer fulfilled. The people’s continuing search for the truth and for the light somewhat hinders them to live the Catholic faith today accordingly.