Catholic Boarding Schools for Teens

Catholic boarding schools have reinvented the thought of boarding schooling, offering students and their families an exclusive educational experience that accentuate academic excellence, assortment, a variety of additional and athletic opportunities, and a safe, structured, family-like surroundings embedded in Catholic values.

Struggling teens are frequently encountered to belong to something. Our culture has turn out to be one of gangs, group, clubs, and religious group. The cost to join is altering your daughter’s values and ethical beliefs. Girls to a great extent need something or someone to believe in, and somebody to trust on them. These are just a few of the explanation why families choose Catholic boarding schools. In addition, our schools offer: A clear operation report outlining the main purpose of the school programs, and including teaching in the loyalty. A carefully projected college preparatory academic program ranging from remedial to advanced placement itinerary for early college credit. Extracurricular activities, athletic programs, and fine and the stage arts programs designed to enhance and balance the academic curriculum.

Economic Aid to assist families who are not capable to pay the full cost of boarding school tuition. An enthusiasm of the assortment. Catholic boarding schools offer communities where discrimination is not tolerated, and our differences are mutual and respected and often celebrated. College counseling programs which facilitate our students to vigilantly perform the work towards very extremely promising future. Be it famous to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for these schools. He is the unseen but ever-present teacher in their classes. He is the model of their faculties and the motivation of their students.

The boarding life of the separate schools also varies from the behavior they are doing. A girl or boy from a miscellaneous boarding school gets concerned in all activities, whether it’s mainly for boys or mainly for girls. The dorms in varied schools are separated. But the classes are mixed and most actions are also done mutually.

Our support programs are correspondingly individualized. Girls learn how they learn, then take liability for their educational progress by capitalizing on their power and reimburse for their weak point. All are on their way toward out eventual goal for every St. Margaret’s student: becoming an independent learner. We encourage you to become concerned to the extent that you are intelligent by helping in the classroom, attending events, volunteering to help with projects, sponsoring activities, and joining organizations that work for the benefit of our students. It is hoped that through this association you will apprehend the personal contentment that can come from working as part of a team to enrich the instructive environment at school