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Snowboarding in Western US

Places to Snowboard in Western U.S.

In the western part of the U.S., it is ideal for snowboard and ski resorts because of the terrain and perfect climate. Because of the steep mountains and deep powder, the western U.S. is considered a haven for those snowboarders who are looking for extended s…

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Snowboarding Outfits for Women

Women’s Apparel for Snowboarding

Move over guys, snowboarding is no longer a men’s only sport. With the increase in popularity of snowboarding among young women, manufacturers now make apparel with a women’s touch in mind. Instead of leaving your girlfriend or wife behind on snowboarding tri…

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Snowboarding History in the Olympics

Snowboarding in the Olympics

The beginnings of snowboarding first emerged around the 1970’s. However, the popularity for this sport, which uses a board strapped to both feet facing the same direction, has increased just within the past 2 decades. Even within the past fives years, more and more…

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First time Snowboarder Equipment

Recommended Equipment for First-Time Snowboarders

Unfortunately, snowboarding is one sport that needs prior planning. There is a lot of equipment that snowboarders need to have prepared well ahead of time, including the board, boots, bindings, and warm apparel. Before heading out on the frigid…

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Snowboarding Moves

The Basic Moves in Snowboarding

There are basic moves in snowboarding that are fundamental in learning how to have good technique. These moves are for beginners, who are just starting out and need a little help with the process. It is best to perform these moves on a gentle slope with the rear …