How to Reduce Workplace Stress

Ways to reduce stress in the workplace.

The work place is the place where you spend most of your time everyday. This place also holds a plethora of anxiety. Many are from unpredictable sources such as sudden joblessness, relocations, losing co-workers to retrenchment exercises or having multiple …

What are Health Risks from Stress

What are some of the health risks associated with stress

One of the most popular ailments in the world is hypertension and it also has the distinction of being a by-product of stress. That is where the similarity with stress ends (if indeed any one exists) because hypertension is an illness, whi…

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4 Steps to Happiness

Do you hear the phrases “self-love” or “loving yourself” and wonder what that really means or how to go about doing it? Are there things about yourself that you’re not sure you even like, never mind think that you could love? No matter where you are in your life, or what you may think about yourself, read on to find self love techniques that will bring more happiness and satisfaction to your life.