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How Does Your Body React to Stress

How does our body react physiologically when we’re under stress?

Stress can be any unspecific demand to adapt to a critical situation within a very short time. This has been described as “fight-or-fight” reaction. Our body reacts in a way that has been developed in primeval times- very well su…

Good and Bad Types of Stress

Stress can be both good and bad. What are examples of some “bad” type of stress? What are examples of “good” types of stress?

Yes… most things in life, no matter how negative they seem, also have good aspects to them. For example, many of the bacteria that plague us within our bodies also h…

4 Steps to Happiness

Do you hear the phrases “self-love” or “loving yourself” and wonder what that really means or how to go about doing it? Are there things about yourself that you’re not sure you even like, never mind think that you could love? No matter where you are in your life, or what you may think about yourself, read on to find self love techniques that will bring more happiness and satisfaction to your life.