What Is Meditation

Meditation means “to familiarize”. The idea is become more
comfortable with a state of mind that is not overwhelmed
by many of our daily concerns but instead tunes into our
true essence. By practicing meditation. we can have another
angle to look at disturbing situations and develop our

Meditation for Kids

Kids have great imaginations and one wonderful meditation
for a child is to have him sit and picture being at the
beach. You can enhance his experience by using a sound
machine that has ocean waves. Talk about smelling the salt,
hearing the gulls flying and imagining the waves flowing

Using Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress

Guided Meditation Can Help in Reducing Stress

Meditation evolved as a way for the ancient spiritual seers, called Rishis in India. It is a way of gaining direct knowledge of the nature of the ultimate reality, and its history dates back even further than that of Yoga, but its origins can be safe…

Causes of Stress in Women

What are some of the biggest and/or most common stressors for women?

The condition known as stress can be friend or foe. When it fuels the sparks of personal achievement it can work to your benefit. In such a situation, it helps by making sure you are more perceptive and productive. This acts as…

What are Some Stress Related Illnesses

What are some of the psychological illnesses that can result from stress

If you have a high level of stress and anxiety, then you are likely to suffer from panic attacks.

What are panics attacks? Well, you can liken it to a trip wire; the more stressed you are, the more anxiety you experienc…

Ways to Reduce Stress

There are many ways to reduce stress

Stress is as old as mankind itself, because ever since the first Homo sapiens started working and thinking about how to better their lots, stress came in as a by product.

The pressure and worries about various issues sometimes brings about guilt and disapp…

How to Reduce Workplace Stress

Ways to reduce stress in the workplace.

The work place is the place where you spend most of your time everyday. This place also holds a plethora of anxiety. Many are from unpredictable sources such as sudden joblessness, relocations, losing co-workers to retrenchment exercises or having multiple …

What are Health Risks from Stress

What are some of the health risks associated with stress

One of the most popular ailments in the world is hypertension and it also has the distinction of being a by-product of stress. That is where the similarity with stress ends (if indeed any one exists) because hypertension is an illness, whi…

Long Term Symptoms of Stress

What are some of the long-term physical, emotional and mental symptoms of stress?

Many people are not aware when they are under stress. Some are frequently under so much stress that they assume the feeling is normal. This is the case with people who are not aware of their emotional responses.

Using Biofeedback to Reduce Stress

Overview of biofeedback and how it can be used to combat stress

Most people complain about stress. However, stress is actually a necessary part of our lives. It helps “gear us up” for certain things we must do and puts a little excitement in our lives. But of course too much of it too can be o…