Ways to Meditate

Guided Meditation

Close your eyes and concentrate on the sound of your
breathing. Try to slow your breathing down and just hear and
feel each breath as you inhale and exhale. Continue to do
this for a few minutes.

Picture yourself in a beautiful place such as a beach, park
or the wood…

What are the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has many documented benefits related to high
blood pressure, stress management and serotonin products as
researched by doctors and health practitioners.

Some benefits cited are help in post-operative recovery,
reduced oxygen consumption and less anxiety, chronic pain

Taoist Meditation

In Taoist meditation there is more movement than in many
other traditions of meditation. The aim is to acheive inner
tranquility and serenity but in Taoist meditation (a well as
in Chi Gung), flowing motions are used to reach stillness
and remove negative energy and thoughts from the body.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation is the main style of meditation at the
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and is sometimes referred
to as insight or mindful meditation. Vipassana means to see
things as they really are.

This form of meditation begins with watching one’s breath
and progresses to obse…

Transcendental Meditation Techniques

Popular in the late sixties and early seventies in the
United States, transcendental mediation techniques were
introduced to the United States by Maharisi Mahesh Yogi.
Students were given there own mantra and instructions to

For many, this was the first introduction to meditation…

Kabbalah Meditation

In Kabbalah meditation one experiences joy and love and
cleans out the negative parts of one’s mind. Rabbi David
Cooper has a Cd that has eleven meditations designed for
cultivating spriritual depth and advancement.

The mystical aspect of Judaism includes powerful
meditations, reflectio…

Meditation Tools

Incense for Meditation

To help the mind turn inward and be less involved in the
chitter-chatter of the world and one’s thoughts, incense can
be burned. There are now less smoke forms of incense from
Japan that yield mineral smoke. The popular Tibetan incense
that is 13 inches burns appro…

Goddess Meditation

A number of people feel they connect well to the feminine
energy and nurturance of a nurturing figure which some call
the Divine Mother. Other names for feminine goddeses are
Tara , Shakti and Durga.

Monaghan in the book titled “The Goddess Companion: Daily
Meditations on the Feminine S…

Christian Meditation

Christian meditaiton has it’s origins in the Bible and
involves worship and cultivating love. Within the Catholic
tradition this can include the teachings of Thomas Merton
and Ignatius of Loyola. The Orthodox tradition engages in
the Jesus Prayer as well as Apophatic theology. Within the

Reiki Meditation

Reiki meditation is a technique of healing that uses both
reiki energy and reiki symbols. Reiki originated in Japan
and it is the movement of the life force energy. It’s been
applied to a variety of health problems and one thing that
is interesting in this approach is you need no belief sys…