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Using Online Dating Sites

How to Use Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites are a convenient way to sift through mounds of eligible individuals until you find the one (or several at different times) that work for you. The major benefits of online dating include: 1. Relative anonymity and ease of possible rejection, 2. Ab…

Matchmaking Personality Analysis

Personality Analysis Speeds Matchmaking

Many Web sites now offer free personality analysis that they claim will catalyze the matchmaking experience. These Web sites generally offer certified (and uncertified) personality profiles, which offer metrics for everything about a person, such as hobbies…

When to meet an Online Dater

How to Know When it’s Time to Meet in Person

When a relationship starts through an online forum or interface, no mater how often you talk or email, there is an element of anonymity that naturally resides between the two of you. One of the hardest and most frightening next steps in an online-spud…