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Popularity of Online Dating

Why is Online Dating so Popular?

Online dating is an increasingly popular means of connecting with like-minded individuals who can share your interests and be a potential love match. In a world that is dominated by fast relationships and frequent partner turnover, people have found that it is inc…

How to Detect Online Affairs

How to Know if Your Significant Other is Involved with Someone Online

Just about everyone has heard the horror stories that accompany online affairs. An online affair occurs when a spouse begins “dating” someone online. While sometimes an online affair remains entirely virtual, many times the a…

Breaking off Online Dating

What to do if He/She is Not the Right One for You

Using the Internet to find love is relatively painless. It’s a quick and easy way to establish a bond with an individual that is also out looking for the same thing you are from a relationship. You know this because in the Internet dating world, …