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What Really Affects Your Property Taxes

The first thing that affects your property taxes is the spending habits of your school district, other taxing districts, county and city. If the school district has big plans for renovations, new computers, raises in salary or anything else pertaining to the school district, you may see an increase …

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Make Sure To Pay Your Property Tax On Time

When you buy a house or property, the mortgage company that holds your mortgage usually has an escrow account set up, which holds your monthly payment towards your homeowners insurance and property tax. The standard procedure is for the mortgage lender to send you the money in a form of a check in D…

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What Is A Property Tax Consultant

Property tax consultants are similar to property tax attorneys except they have no special law degree, but do work to achieve results. You can use a property tax consultant to reduce or protect your taxes on a property. They can help you with filing the paperwork for an appeal, help you find all the…

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Mobile Homes And Property Taxes In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin the assessment of a mobile home only has to be done from the point of view meaning the outside can be used to assess the mobile home, however an inside assessment does help. Mobile homes only have to be assessed every five years, therefore the assessed value and the market value are wit…

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Using A Property Tax Attorney

If you are concerned about any of the statements on your property tax bill, especially the property tax assessment value, you might want to consult with a property tax attorney. Although you can do the process yourself, you may feel overwhelmed by the legalities and find it necessary to have help. Y…

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Buying Construction Home New2

Buying Home New: Finding a Right Builder

Finding a right builder to construct your new home is crucial to guarantee that get the best out of your investment.

Here are the qualities that you should look for a builder:

Experience, Expertise and Recognition

The reputation is not built over…

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New Home Buying Tip

New Home Buying Tips for First Timers

Here are important new home buying tips to keep in mind so that your experience as a first timer will be all worth it.

Above all, it is significant that you determine your budget. How much money are you capable of raising to purchase a new home? By setting…

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Buying A New Home Checklist2

Checklist for Buying a New Home

Make a checklist. This is the first and most important thing you should do when you are about to buy a new home. Why? Buying a new home is complicated. There are lots of things that you need to do which you may not have done before. There are things that you need t…

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The New Complete Book Of Home Buying

The New Complete Book of Home Buying: A Worthy Guide

Just gotten married? Then you are right in thinking about getting yourselves a dwelling place. The experience of buying a new home for the first time could both be a thrilling yet confusing experience especially for first timers like you. Howev…

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Advice Buying New Home

Buying New Home Advice for You

Buying a new home is often than not such a daunting task. You are faced with a lot of choices and you usually end up confused. Apart from these concerns, there are as well the necessary responsibilities that come along with buying a new home. If you’ve never experi…