Dealing with Biting Cockatiel

Biting Cockatiels

Biting can become a huge problem for some cockatiel owners. Sometimes the owner unknowingly rewards the cockatiel whenever it bites. This makes the cockatiel think that biting is a behavior that allowed and praised. Even though a cockatiel’s beak is small, it may go right th…

How to Breed Cockatiels

Breeding Cockatiels

Breeding cockatiels can be a difficult thing to master and takes a lot of knowledge and patience. The amount of time needed to devote to breeding depends on whether you want to breed cockatiels as a business or as a way to expand your bird family. There is a lot of responsi…

Maintaining a Cockatiels Health

Keeping a Cockatiel Healthy

We all want our cockatiels to enjoy happy and healthy lives. It will take some knowledge and a willingness to devote time to achieve this. There are several areas that will help to give them that great life and allow them to live to their fullest potential.


Wild Cockatiels

Cockatiels in the Wild

There are many differences in the cockatiels we have from domestic breeding and those that wild in the wild lands of Australia. Cockatiels both captive and native are adaptable to their surroundings. Native birds are always on the move and never look back.

All of the w…

Cockatiel Vets

Choosing a Veterinarian for your Cockatiel

Finding a good veterinarian for your cockatiel may be more difficult than you think. Unlike regular veterinarians that specialize in cats and dogs, finding one that understands birds could be hard. Usually you may have a few to pick from, so here is w…

Cockatiel Health

Health Concerns in Cockatiels

Birds need a diet that is balanced and full of nutrients and vitamins needed to live healthy. If a cockatiel does not get the proper nutrients it may lead to illness and disease in your loving pet. Diet is not the only way birds can become ill. Sometimes falls or …