Costs of Hair Straightening

There is a large range of prices for the different hair straightening irons on the market today. With a little knowledge about the different styles and features, you will be able to find a hair straightener right for you in no time. Remember that price does not necessarily equal quality, so buying …

Styles for Straightened Hair

You have found the perfect hair straightener for your curly hair type, but you have no idea what styles you can do with your new do! For some people, straight hair can be rather boring and lacks volume, depth, and character. However, this is not always true if you know how to bring out the natural …

Straightening Hair with a Clothing Iron

In older generations it was traditionally believed that having long flowing curls was the best hairstyle. With the changing cultural believes and ideals, this changed drastically in the 1960’s. Long, straight hair was extremely popular with models, singer celebrities, and other icons in the media….

Hair Straightener Techniques

Using a hair straightener is not difficult once you understand a few basics. To get the best looking straight hair here are a few tips to help you get started. First you will need these few items to get started.

– Frizz reducing serum or spray
– Hair Dryer
– Hair Straightener of your choice

Ceramic Hair Straighteners

You may have heard of the increasingly popularity of hair straighteners that many people now rely on to cover all of their hair straightening concerns and desires. Straightening irons have entered into so many households. Some of the top hairstylists are now known to recommend a hair straightener …

Hair Straightening for Proms and Events

A wedding, a prom, a party for a friend- all special occasions that make perfect opportunities for one to change their look through hair straightening.

If you are planning on attending a special event, then using a hair straightener (either a chemical or electric straightener) can be the perfect…

Petroleum Base Protection for Scalp

The chemicals used to straighten hair can be rather dangerous and hazardous to the skin and scalp. Because of the dangers, a layer of petroleum is used to protect the scalp from irritation. The damage depends on the type of chemicals used to relax the hair. The product that causes the most damage…

Lye and No-Lye Relaxers

Back in the nineteen twenties, and for several following decades, African American men were straightening their hair with pure lye, which was called conking. Many people learned through the life story of Malcom X, how extremely painful this process was to use. When lyes are used in hair straighten…