Latin Dance Class

Latin Dance Class: Where J-Lo Learned Her Stuff

Want to perfect your Latin dance moves? Enrol in a Latin dance class! This is the best way to improve that hip shaking and body language.

With the popularity of Latin artists and music comes the popularity of Latin dance schools. These are where…

Latin Dance Dress

Latin Dance Dress for Him and Her

In Latin dance competitions, your moves are not the only important factor that judges will be basing your performance at. They will also be looking at your Latin dance dress.

Latin dance competitions are all about dancing, giving it your best shot and coming o…

Latin Dance Party

Factors to Consider when Holding a Latin Dance Party

These days, just having a party is never enough. In order to make things more exciting, a lot of people have themed parties. One of the most popular types of parties today is the Latin dance party. These surge of interest in Latin dances may be…

Latin Dance Exercise Dvd

The Pros & Cons of Getting a Latin Dance Exercise DVD

The concern for maintaining great health has been increasing continuously in the past year. Due to the many documentaries and medical studies emerging to warn people of the consequences of ignoring their health, the world has become a very hea…

Latin Dance Schools

Choosing the Latin Dance School for You

Many people want to learn Latin dance. This may have a lot to do with the fact that Latin dance has enjoyed a lot of exposure in the media. People see Latin dance schools as havens of learning all about romance, passion and excitement.

They see Latin da…

Latin Dance Exercise

Why You Should Start Those Latin Dance Exercises

Latin dance exercises is not only a means to keep the body toned and in condition. These exercises are the steps needed in preventing injuries that might occur while dancing.

No dancer is free from injuries that might accidentally happen in the…

Latin Dance Shoes

Latin Dance: It is all in the Shoes!

In Latin dance, they say that for your moves and routine to be perfect, you need the proper clothes and accessories. It is also said that for you to execute it all properly, you also have to be comfortable in your get up. And this is where your Latin dance sho…

Latin American Dance

Latin American Dance is for Everybody!

Latin American dance is not only for the selected few. You too can get into the rhythm of Latin American dance even if you think you have not been gifted the ability to dance.

Are you experiencing times when you feel like dancing to a Latin American danc…

Latin Dance Clothing

Latin Dance Clothing: Clothing Checklist, Style and Usage

On one of the most best dances would never be complete without proper clothing, Latin-originated dances are one of the most demanding attires possible, this will enhance the agility and finesse of dancers and would always come up with sty…

Dance Hit Latin

Classic and Modern Popular Latin Dance Hits

Latin dance hits are one of the widely proffered dance styles in social gatherings. Hits like Macarena are also have been popularized by Latinos, but to put it simply, there are also styles for the mood, getting into the right kind of dance and song wou…