Latin Dance Music

Latin Dance Music is What Makes People Shake their “Bon Bons”

Ricky Martin could not have said it better when he sang that song. It is definitely the Latin dance music that everyone remembers and is making them shake their bodies to the rhythm.

Latin dancers have their own music to match th…

Latin Dance Competition

Tips to Help You Stand Out in Latin Dance Competitions

Latin dance competitions are all about visibility. You need to be seen by the judges properly so that they can give scores for your skill. Standing out in such competitions should be a very big priority for you. There are several factors whic…

Latin Dance Song

Get Your Groove Back with Style with These Latin Dance Songs

When you want to have your fix with the best Latin dances of all time, there is simply no better way to dance along with them. Get your groove back by dancing along with the Latin dance hits that popularized the dance culture.

One of…

Latin Dance Studio

Starting a Latin Dance Studio: Some Tips

If you intend to start a Latin dance studio of your own, you need to realize that you need so much more than the knowledge of dancing. Here are a few things you have to consider in starting a Latin dance studio:

1) Location – you should realize that a l…

Latin Dance

The Unknown Benefits of Latin Dance

Why do people go crazy over Latin dance?

Some of the more obvious reasons are because Latin dance has the moves, the style and the statement. Seeing dancers moving into the Latin rhythm is enough to entice one into learning it too. Once the moves are perfec…

Latin Dance Workout Video

Why Look for a Latin Dance Workout Video?

A lot of people look for Latin dance workout videos today. Why do they choose to make use of Latin dance workout videos to help them keep fit? What are the advantages of Latin dance workout videos over other types of workout material?

1) Time – many pe…

Ballroom And Latin Dance Shoes

Buying Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes

One of the most important pieces of equipment you need for dancing is a pair of shoes. Choosing a great pair of ballroom and Latin dance shoes requires a bit of skill and a lot of common sense. Here are some things that you should look for:

1) Comfort – It…

Latin Dance Class

Latin Dance Class: Where J-Lo Learned Her Stuff

Want to perfect your Latin dance moves? Enrol in a Latin dance class! This is the best way to improve that hip shaking and body language.

With the popularity of Latin artists and music comes the popularity of Latin dance schools. These are where…

Latin Dance Dress

Latin Dance Dress for Him and Her

In Latin dance competitions, your moves are not the only important factor that judges will be basing your performance at. They will also be looking at your Latin dance dress.

Latin dance competitions are all about dancing, giving it your best shot and coming o…

Latin Dance Party

Factors to Consider when Holding a Latin Dance Party

These days, just having a party is never enough. In order to make things more exciting, a lot of people have themed parties. One of the most popular types of parties today is the Latin dance party. These surge of interest in Latin dances may be…