Sunroom Design Considerations

Sunroom Designs Have Their Pros And Cons
It used to be sunrooms pretty much came in one style – screened. Nowadays, sunrooms have taken on many forms, some elaborate, others very basic, but the one constant remains the same – these rooms provide some serious flexibility for homeowners.

When buil…

Types of Sunroom Walls

Walls Can Make A Difference In A Sunroom
Depending on the kind of sunroom a homeowner is shooting for, walls can become very important. If the right materials are chosen, the room can serve as a full-fledged add on to a home during all kinds of weather. If the wrong materials are chosen and year-ro…

Making A Child-Friendly Sunroom

Creating A Child-Friendly Sunroom Is Possible
For many, the whole idea of creating a sunroom is to provide the family a great place to relax, kick back and enjoy some fun in a peaceful setting. But what about those little ones?

Well, get used to some fingerprints on the glass, but beyond that, t…

Popularity of Sunrooms

Glass Sunrooms Have Become A Popular Option
Homeowners who want a little extra space either for leisure activities or for high-class entertaining are turning more and more to glass sunrooms to fit the bill.

Affordable, beautiful and most importantly useable year-round in some cases, these rooms …

Uses for a sun room

A Sunroom’s Uses Are Limited By Imagination Only
Adding a sunroom onto a house can be a big undertaking, but one that results in a lot of rewards when it’s completed. For those who delve into the project, the truth of a sunroom will soon become quite evident – a sunroom can serve any purpose a home…

Private Sunrooms

Sunrooms Provide An Alternative To Adding On
Homeowners who choose to add a sunroom onto their home do so for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to give themselves some much-needed space, or to dramatically alter the appearance of a room, the choice is one that adds some solid value to a home.


Upscale Sunrooms

Upscale And Sunroom Do Go Together
Let’s face it, not all sunrooms are just like grandma’s back porch. In fact, with the right designs, lighting, landscaping and furnishings, some sunrooms take upscale to a whole new level.

For those who want to create an elegant environment within their sunroom…

Sunrooms as a Pool Enclosures

Large Sunrooms Make Great Pool Enclosures
Adding an in-ground pool to a backyard can be a great decision for some serious recreation. The problem for many, however, is the fact pools aren’t always useable due to weather concerns. In some locales, this can mean a pool remains covered for months out …

Conversion Rooms Make Great Sunrooms

Conversion Rooms Can Make Great Sunrooms
If bringing the outdoors in is a design scheme you want to go with, a sunroom is a great way to make this happen. With big, flowing windows and an open, airy feel, these rooms can provide protection from the elements while still letting natural beauty flood …

Financing A Sunroom

Financing A Sunroom Depends On The Style, Size Chosen
If the decision to build a sunroom has been made, the next big question is how to pay for the undertaking. While some people can afford to shell out cash to get the job done, most have to either scrimp and save or do a little creative financing….