Financing A Sunroom

Financing A Sunroom Depends On The Style, Size Chosen
If the decision to build a sunroom has been made, the next big question is how to pay for the undertaking. While some people can afford to shell out cash to get the job done, most have to either scrimp and save or do a little creative financing….

Furnishing A Sunroom

Furnishing A Seasonal Sunroom Is A Snap
Making a sunroom look like a showplace, a rustic lodge or even a recreational getaway for an entire family is relatively easy. These rooms lend themselves to just about any design desired, but in the case of a seasonal room there are some extra concerns that …

Types of Sunrooms

Sunrooms Can Take On Many Forms
Bringing a little outdoors inside and vice versa is a fantastic way to add some room onto a home or even brighten up an existing room. Sunrooms are a great way to go no matter the room and they can be quite useable no matter the climate or time of year, depending on …

Choosing a Type Of Sunroom

Types Of Sunrooms Make A Difference
Making the decision to add a sunroom onto a home is a good one. Studies show they add some solid value to a home in addition to providing a great extra space. But once the decision is made to build one, the real work starts.

Now’s the time to decide what kind …

Choosing Sunroom Flooring

Flooring Choices Can Make A Real Statement
The walls have been chosen, the materials carefully picked, and the sunroom’s design is just about finished. But, there’s still the ever-important question about what to do with the floors.

Flooring options for sunrooms can be as diverse as they are for…

Creating A Sun Room With A View

Creating A Room With A View
Backyard bird watching is a top pastime in America with literally millions reporting they enjoy the pursuit. For those with a sunroom, this venture becomes even more so enjoyable, but half the battle is attracting the critters in the first place. Getting started only req…

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Benefits of Trampolines in Your Backyard

Trampolines are outside backyard equipment, as it is enjoyable for children and adults and becoming a great family hobby and work out tool. It is a lot of enjoyment and the health benefits of using trampolines can make it a good asset for your whole family.