Baby Doll Collectibles

Baby Doll Collectibles

Dolls come in all shapes and sizes. When you go into a store, you can even select one based on age and a favorite among many are the baby doll collectibles. Why hobbyists would like to collect these dolls is probably because it makes them feel like they just gave birth to the…

Rag Dolls Collectible

Are Rag Dolls Collectible Items

There are a lot of dolls being introduced in the market and they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes and are made of different materials. One item that has been enjoyed by both children and adults which is considered to be a collectible item is the rag doll.

Collectible Barbie Dolls

Collectible Barbie Doll

Who knew that almost 50 years onwards that people will still look for collectible Barbie dolls? Chances are nobody but as history has shown, there are people who are willing to pay thousands of dollars just to have this in their collection.

In the Beginning, Barbie was jus…

Small Collectible Dolls

Small Collectible Dolls

Dolls come in different colors, sizes and shapes. If you find collecting dolls that measure 10 inches or difficult because there is not that much space in the house, perhaps you should only go for small collectible dolls.

But are small collectible dolls not as saleable as …

Collectible Antique Dolls

Make Money Buying and Selling Collectible Antique Dolls

There are a lot of people interested in collectible antique dolls. Aside from the ones that are still being produced, the ones that really go for a lot of money are the limited edition collections and some of the first which are no longer bein…

Collectible Doll Clearance

Can You Buy Collectible Dolls At A Clearance

One thing for certain is that no matter how old you get, there will always be a child in you that wants to come out. This is probably why people collect certain things and dolls are one of them. This hobby involves buying and selling it. Aside from buyi…

Collectible Cloth Doll

How To Make Your Own Collectible Cloth Doll

Collectible cloth dolls are not that different from rag dolls because they are made of the same fabric. While one is created from a selected the fabric, the other is made from scraps. Because they are easy to make, almost anyone can make one so you don’t…

Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Make Money Buying and Selling Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Who knew that the toys we buy can be profitable? Perhaps only the manufacturers but if you are able to find a good supplier and a list of buyers, you can make money buying and selling porcelain collectible dolls.

Porcelain dolls are not t…

Beautiful Collectible Dolls

Proper Care For Your Beautiful Collectible Dolls

It is one thing to own some beautiful collectible dolls and another to maintain it. If you fail to do so, no one will want to buy it and you might as well throw it in the garbage.

The first thing you have to do when you buy your beautiful collectio…

Collectible American Girl Dolls

Collectible American Girl Dolls

Collectible American Girl Dolls have been sold and traded very well among hobbyists for many years. Although produced in countries like China, the concept comes from those back in the States who were inspired by one thing or another which makes these toys worth a lot…