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Family History Of High Blood Pressure

Researching Your Family History Of Blood Pressure

Doctors and scientists who are experts in the field of blood pressure have found that a tendency to develop high blood pressure seems to run in families. That means that if your parents or other close blood relatives have high blood pressure, yo…

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Drugs That Raise Blood Pressure

Avoiding Drugs That Raise Blood Pressure

Plenty of drugs are on the market that actually raise blood pressure on their own or because they block the action of a drug that lowers blood pressure. If you can possibly avoid them, do so. Sometimes, however, the problem that makes you need the other …

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Ways To Lower Sodium Intake

15 Easy Ways To Cut Down On Sodium In Your Diet

It is practically common knowledge that eating too much salt can wreak havoc on blood pressure. But how can we eat with flavor and at the same time cut the amount of salt in our foods? Well you do not have to sacrifice flavor when you cut down on …

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Types of Beta Blockers

7 Examples Of Beta Blockers

Beta blockers were thought to be less effective for the elderly, but this is no longer considered the case. The characteristics of the various beta blockers, which can be spotted since their scientific names end in “lol” can be found in the examples below:

1. Ace…