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Using Food to Lower Blood Pressure

7 Ways To Cut Blood Pressure With Food

Having healthy eating habits as a lifestyle is not only good for looking and feeling your best, it also is the best way at keeping your blood pressure under control. Below are 7 ways in which a few basic food changes can help control blood pressure:

1. S…

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Importance Of A CheckUp Before an Exercise Program

The Importance Of A Check Up Before An Exercise Program

Before you begin a new exercise program to help decrease your high blood pressure (or any other disease), have your doctor measure your blood cholesterol and, if possible, blood triglycerides. In addition, you really should get a stress tes…

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Side Effects of Blood Pressure Medications

Are High Blood Pressure Medications Healthy For You?

Besides lowering blood pressure, all antihypertensive drugs can produce undesirable side effects. This is not surprising, since they alter basic body functions not only in the blood vessels but in the nervous system and kidneys as well. Since…

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Balancing Saturated and Unsaturated Fats

Balancing Your Saturated Fats & Unsaturated Fats

What do a stick of butter and a bottle of olive oil have in common? They’re both fat and provide 9 calories per gram or 252 calories per ounce – about 85 calories per tablespoon. But olive oil is much better for you than butter.

Most animal f…

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How Much Sodium Can you Take

How Much Sodium Is Too Much?

Of all the issues related to high blood pressure, none is more controversial than salt, more specifically the sodium in salt. Since the 1970s, health organizations have advised Americans – especially those with high blood pressure – to limit their intake of sodium. …

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Secondary Reasons for High Blood Pressure

Secondary High Blood Pressure

Secondary high blood pressure refers to high blood pressure that has a known cause. Doctors are able to identify an underlying illness or condition that’s triggering your blood pressure to increase. This form of high blood pressure occurs infrequently, affecting o…

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Balance Of Potassium And Sodium In Our Bodies

Understanding The Balance Of Potassium And Sodium In Our Bodies

High blood pressure results from many factors, but there’s always one common denominator: excessive salt and an incorrect balance between sodium and potassium. You must understand these two minerals.

Potassium and sodium are the…

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Steps to Measure Your Own Blood Pressure

How To Measure Your Own Blood Pressure

Measuring your own blood pressure has become convenient. You can do it on a coin operated machine in some stores or purchase a device like the one your doctor uses or one of the new electronic, battery-operated devices. The device for measuring blood press…