Choose A Great Baby Shower Theme

Though a theme isn’t necessary for a successful baby shower, it can be a great way to pull a baby shower together. Unsure of what games you should play? Can’t choose between different food spreads? Pick a baby shower theme and all of these aspects of the baby shower will become clear. Here are just a few to choose from.

Hollywood Themed Baby Shower

Your invitations can look like movie tickets. Your games can focus on celebrity and movie trivia. You can even ask your gue…

Getting a Child’s Homework Done

Having homework challenges? Does your child’s homework cause both you and your kid stress every time it must be done? Is your child battling you when you try to get him do his homework?

Cupid Quotient

Twelve multiple choice trivia questions about Valentine holiday history and tradition

Playing An Active Role In Your Children’s Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an option that many parents choose when they feel that, for whatever reason, their child will not be getting the best education in a public or private school system. Homeschooling allows for a variety of curriculum and teaching techniques to be applied that suit your child’s particular needs – often that is unlikely to happen in a large classroom setting. One of the benefits – and also one of the difficulties – in homeschooling is the extreme amount of flexib…

Freedom From Bondage

“Freedom from Bondage” discusses releasing bonds of limitation, including a brief case study of energetic release.

History and Role of the piano in the Modern World

The modern piano developed its form from two keyboard instruments, the clavichord and the harpsichord, which originated from early in music history. These keyboard instruments operate on the principle of direct connection between the applied force or pressure of the player on the keys, and the volume of sound. Meaning, the harder the pressure or force the player applies on the keys, the louder the sound of the instrument, the lighter the touch, the softer the sound.

Ending Poverty Consciousness

distinguishes between poverty and poverty consciousness and gives you practical suggestions for ending these limitations.

Postcards: The Best-Kept Secret of Modern Marketing

Life today is extremely fast paced. The days when we sat on the front porch and chatted with neighbors as they passed are long gone. Yeah, it seems that we’re caught up in a wave that just carries us through life. When’s the last time you came home and didn’t have a list of things that you had to do before the night was out? Yeah, we’re all caught up in it together. That’s why it’s important to deliver information to potential customers so they can get it fast and with little or no effort. Postcards are perfect!