You Have Always A Choice

People often say they have no choice when faced with a dead end. They say they have no choice but to take the one direction available, which is often a wrong one.

When they say that remark, they must understand that they have to take the blame for the consequences of what they will do.

However, truth is far from the often-circulated concept that man has no choice.

We do have choices. As long as you have rights to protect, you have a choice. When rights are denied,…

Finding the Rhythm in Your Breath

This article explains the value of focusing on your breath, and especially on the rhythm of your breath. This practice is equivalent to a very brief meditation.

Fun And Funny Baby Shower Invitations

In this day of high technology, you may not even need paper baby shower invitations. In fact, you may just prefer to call your guests and invite them over for cake and presents and call it a baby shower. But if you have the time to invest in choosing baby shower invitations, whether you make them yourself or buy them, or send them online or via snail mail, these little introductions to your baby shower can set the mood and get the party started long before the first guest arr…

Trust Factor

Military formations have long sought to lessen the tension between the rigidity of their organisational structures and the need for quick, decisive, imaginative leadership plus flexibility of movement on the battlefield. General George Armstrong Custer’s ego, for example, blinded him to the realities of the situation at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and it cost many men their lives in consequence. The US Cavalry of the nineteenth century seems to have lacked the organisa…

Corporate Career Development Networking

It’s common for people to want to have a “career development plan.” Many think that those successful individuals who have preceded them in the corporation had a plan to get where they got. Some did, but quite honestly, it’s easier claim that they had a plan with the benefit of hindsight and success than to produce the plan they had years before.

Challenges of child punishment

Child punishment can be a challenge for most every parent. There are many techniques that a successful parent can use when teaching their children the lessons of life. Punishment itself is not a negative item when it comes to parenting. However, there are still some parents who feel bad when they administer punishment, and end up not following up with their promise to discipline their children.

All The Money In The World Will Not Take Away Your Fears And Anxieties

All the money in the world will not take away your fears and anxieties. You can be the most successful person in your business, however your money and success will do nothing in getting rid of your stresses and anxieties. So what do you do to make your fears and anxieties to go away? Well, since money and fame are not the answers, then the best solution is to be smart in how you manage your fears. Here are some ways in how to manage your persistent fears and anxieties.


Planning a Better Future

Most of us wish to plan a better future for ourselves, yet find it difficult to determine how. What are some steps towards planning this?

Four Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

It’s difficult to reach your buisness goals if you don’t have the right materials and/or the information to help your buisness reach the success it’s capable of. These four competitive marketing strategies is the information needed to produce an extremely successful buisness.