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What is the Meaning of Life

So in an age when space travel is possible, phones are now mobile computers and Michael Jackson can turn himself into some weird-ass version of Elizabeth Taylor, surely I can figure out the meaning of life.
Or not.

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Aging And Still Loving Life

Aging started on the minute that we were born. Loving life and living it to the fullest is something that we should have done since the start. So how can we age with grace?

Exercise is something that we should to keep a body fit. It would also help us live a longer productive life. As we grow older…

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Pets and Stress

Do pets really help us reduce our stress levels? Find out about one woman’s “experiment” to see.

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The Mystery Of Intuition

Intuition is elusive. You know it exists but it’s difficult to explain. You experience insight or understanding; you know what to do or not do; you can predict outcomes and avoid dangers. Jonas Salk said, ‘Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.’ Why do you now know what you didn’t know just moments ago? This article helps you better understand your intuitive processes and take full advantage of your hidden, intuitive capacity.

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Time to Stop Being Lonely!

More people today are lonely than ever before. Find out why loneliness has become such a big problem for so many people, and if you are lonely, find out what you can do about it and make more friends!

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A Lesson about Learning

Memorising a whole bunch of stuff ain’t learning; that’s memorising. A nice party trick but ain’t gonna change your reality for the better. Some people recite motivational crap all day, but they don’t actually live it. Therefore, they haven’t learned.

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The 4 Parenting Styles And How To Use Them

Here’s the most common parenting question I get asked, which is a major parenting misconception: Is there one correct way to raise a child? The answer is there is no one right way to raise a child.

Having said that, there are four parenting styles you need to be aware of when raising a child, which explain the best parenting styles for a child. How you use the parenting styles is up to your judgment. Read on for tips on how to use the four Parenting Styles.

Should You Hire a Professional Writer for the Federal Grant

The application form and the proposal are the two of the most important things that the Federal Government review before they decide whether or not to give you the federal grant. Since writing it is a time consuming process, you may have to ask if it will be better to hire a professional writer to p…

Do You Observe Interview Etiquette

If you want to get your dream job, you should act now. What more can you do other than prepare yourself for the upcoming interview? Whenever a prospect employer invites you to come over for an evaluation, it is best to observe the proper interview etiquette.

What should you do? How should you act…