History of Organic Gardening

The History of Organic Gardening

You could say that the history of organic gardening started centuries ago when ancient civilizations would till the soil, plant the crops and then harvest them. As the demand for such goods increased, fertilizers or pesticides were used to help grow crops but becaus…

Organic gardening product, from fruits to veggies to flowers

Organic Gardening Product: From Fruits to Veggies to Flowers

Nowadays, more and more people are getting into organic gardening. Although organic gardening applies to all forms of plants, most often when you say organic gardening product, the first things that come to mind are vegetables and fruits….

Organic Gardening is Perfect for Mother Nature

Organic Gardening is Perfect for Mother Nature

Organic Gardening is perfect for you and perfect for the environment. With the world’s problem now with global warming, one must wonder and suggest ways of helping find answers to such. Big or small, everybody can have their share in the solution.


Organic Herb Gardening Is Something You Need For The Kitchen

Organic Herb Gardening Is Something You Need For The Kitchen

Do you use a lot of herbs and spices whenever you are cooking? If you do, perhaps instead of buying these from the grocery, you can get this for free by making your own organic herb garden. In fact, it is so easy to do that even kids can …

Organic Gardening At Home

Organic Gardening At Home

Organic gardening at home is not that different from what they do in the farm. This is because the same techniques are used to make your choice of plants and vegetables grow even if you have a smaller area to work with.

The first thing you have to do is choose the locati…

Organic Gardening Containers

Organic Gardening Containers

Organic gardening isn’t just for people who have backyards. This is because you can also do it when you live either in an apartment or a condo with the help of organic gardening containers.

Organic gardening containers have advantages despite their limitations. They …

Caffeine, A Natural Insecticide

Caffeine is used in chocolate, soda, coffee and tea. Caffeine is produced by plants. Humans love caffeine products. Chocolate is such a sweet taste to almost everyone that tries it. Not long after tasting chocolate most people begin to love it. Some people even begin to crave the taste of chocolate …

How to overcome the limitations of natural insecticides

Using natural insecticides as a means to control insect infestations will take a little more diligence and persistence then it would using their synthetic counterparts. Natural insecticides are not a quick fix but in the long run the extra work benefits everybody.

There are few things to keep in m…

How can you start to use natural insecticides

Making the decision to switch from synthetic insecticides to natural insecticides may seem a bit overwhelming at first. You don’t have to do everything at one time necessarily; it can be a gradual change.

We’re so accustomed to simply grab the nearest can of spray or that bag of synthetic insect…

Are natural insecticides safe around pets

This is a common concern amongst eco-conscious pet owners. The majority of natural insecticides are safe for use around household pets. There are a few exceptions however and need to be kept in mind when you use certain natural insecticides around your home and in your yard.

One of the reasons peo…