Fishing for Restaurant Recipes in New York

This is the last day of my visit in New York, and I have never sampled so much wonderful food before. New York seems to have more restaurants per person than any other city I have visited, and many of them serve very tempting and tasty food. I don’t know if all of the walking has improved my taste …

They Got It Where

Signature dishes. It’s enough to make a gourmand’s hands tremble in anticipation. Signature dishes are the kind of food that stories are told about. Every restaurant that has ever been called “famous” or “great” is noted for its signature dishes. Fierce business competition among eating establ…

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Food Delivery Business Start Up

Most food businesses or restaurants don’t offer a delivery option, generally the only food delivery on offer is fast foods and often from big fast food chains so therefore there could well be a requirement for a new business in food delivery. When the only options you have are the fast food choices then that is what people will take. Restaurants may already receive enquiries for customers to take the food away however their customers must come to the restaurant and collect the food themselves.