What are radar detectors

Radar Detectors – What Are They?
They’re touted as nearly foolproof ways to avoid having excessive speeds detected by law enforcement. Many drivers swear by them to ensure they don’t get caught going a little faster than the posted limit. But what the heck are they?

In a nutshell, radar detector…

Increasing Effectiveness of a Radar Detector

Increasing A Radar Detector’s Effectiveness
No one wants a speeding ticket.

Despite that fact, a lot of people speed. Whether it’s an accident of distraction or a person’s love for the open road and a taste for speed, it just happens.

Heck, finding a person who has never, ever, even once gone…

Home Theater for the Family

Are you considering a Home Theater system, but holding back because of your kids? Will they spend more time watching movies instead of doing other things? Will they become more avid couch potatoes? Perhaps not with some ground rules and careful planning. The following are a few tips and things to consider: Buy your DVDs wisely. Choose titles with educational …

Radar Detector Features

Things To Look For When Considering A Radar Detector
Buying a radar detector is not like running to an electronics store to grab a radio. A detector is a complicated piece of electronics, but what’s more is the fact if you’re buying one, you’re relying on it to help you avoid tickets. Not just any …

What is a Laser Jammer

Laser Jammers – What Are They?
We’ve all heard of radar detectors, and maybe even laser guns, but what the heck are laser jammers?
They are the latest tool in the arsenal drivers can legally use (in most places) to help them avoid costly tickets. Similar to a radar detector, a laser jammer seeks o…

Collecting DVDs for a Home Theater

Now that you own a Home Theater, you are faced with a choice of buying DVDs or renting them through your local rental store or a service like Netflix. Here’s some of the things to think about when deciding. While VHS tapes wore out, DVDs have a much longer life and retain their quality. This makes buying movies more attractive, …