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Radar Detector Installation

Radar Detector Installation Requires Little More Than Common Sense
Getting an expensive speeding ticket isn’t in your future. You’ve just bought a state-of-the-art radar detector. From here on out, you’ll be “flying under the radar,” so to say.

But what now?

Getting a radar detector is only h…

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Reasons For Using A Radar Detector

5 Reasons To Use A Radar Detector
Getting a ticket is a costly venture, one that most people would rather avoid. To help ensure they don’t get pulled over, many motorists have turned to using radar detectors to help them know in advance if law enforcement is laying in wait up ahead.

But what abo…

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Best Practices for Radar Detection

Best Practices For Using A Radar Detector
Anyone can run out and buy a radar detector, install it and hope for the best. But it’s the smart person who knows how to use one to his or her advantage to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

There may not be any way to 100 percent guarantee a driver won’t…

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Why Consider Combination Radar

Why Consider Combination Radar/Laser Detectors
Not all law enforcement agencies are the same. It’s a simple fact that some are better funded than others. This means, some have the best equipment; others do not.

That’s bad news for drivers who want to avoid speeding tickets using radar detectors….

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What is Lidar Detection

Laser Detection Takes On New Form
There’s a lot of buzz about photo lidar among those who employ radar detectors in their cars to avoid tickets.

But what is this technology? Why should drivers be concerned? And how does a driver detect the detector?

Operating using the same technology as a la…

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Testing A Radar Detector

Testing Radar Detector Effectiveness Before Buying
Anyone who has had a speeding ticket knows how costly they can be.

The first hit is the ticket itself. Running around $100 and up, way up depending on how fast you’re going, the first hit is a big one. But not as big as the hidden costs that fol…