Why Consider Combination Radar

Why Consider Combination Radar/Laser Detectors
Not all law enforcement agencies are the same. It’s a simple fact that some are better funded than others. This means, some have the best equipment; others do not.

That’s bad news for drivers who want to avoid speeding tickets using radar detectors….

What is Lidar Detection

Laser Detection Takes On New Form
There’s a lot of buzz about photo lidar among those who employ radar detectors in their cars to avoid tickets.

But what is this technology? Why should drivers be concerned? And how does a driver detect the detector?

Operating using the same technology as a la…

Testing A Radar Detector

Testing Radar Detector Effectiveness Before Buying
Anyone who has had a speeding ticket knows how costly they can be.

The first hit is the ticket itself. Running around $100 and up, way up depending on how fast you’re going, the first hit is a big one. But not as big as the hidden costs that fol…

Radar Detector Laws

Radar Detector Laws Vary
You’re driving along, enjoying the scenery when all of a sudden sirens start blaring and red and blue flashing lights practically blind you from behind. A quick glance down at the speedometer and you realize, your good night just turned terribly bad.

Beyond the obvious h…

Radar Detector Styles Vary

Radar Detector Styles Vary
While it’s said what’s inside makes the radar detector, the outside appearance is also important to many drivers. No one wants a big, clunky or unattractive piece of equipment in their car if they can help it – even if it might save them from a speeding ticket.
Those in …

Avoiding Radar Dectector Theft

Concealment Helps Protect Radar Detectors From Thieves
Just like a child that’s fascinated by bright, shiny objects, thieves seem to be uncontrollably attracted to automobiles that have flashy electronic devices.

This is great news for those who have little or no pieces of electronic equipment i…