History of Coffee

Coffee’s History Dates Back Centuries

It’s a mainstay in many households the world over with a commodity ranking of number two, just behind oil production. But how did the worldwide coffee craze get started and what exactly is the history of the little bean loved the globe over for the coffee i…

The Coffeehouse Craze

Coffeehouse Trend Dates Back Centuries

Upscale, trendy coffeehouses might be a trend of the present, but they’re not the first to delve into the coffee craze. Ever since the first coffeehouse opened in Constantinople in the 1400s, the craze has gone in waves, but the latest entrants on the marke…

The Origin of Coffee

Coffee Comes From A Tree, Not A Store

It’s hard for those who don’t live in coffee producing areas to imagine the tedious process that goes into creating a cup of java. There’s a lot more to it and opening a can, pouring some grounds into a pot and enjoying the end result.

Coffee itself act…

Coffee Terminology

Coffee Vocabulary Is Almost A Must For Ordering

With many coffeehouses boasting 30 flavors and more, not counting the mix ins like flavored creams, it can be a bit difficult to decide which to choose. With everything from espresso and Cuban coffee to cafĂ© au lait and cappuccino becoming mainstays…

Proper Coffee Grinding

Good Coffee Is All In The Grind

Creating that coffee shop flavor at home is not an impossible task. To have a fresh, rich brew every pot every day, the true coffee lover insists on fresh grinds.

A “can” of pre-ground coffee is fine for some and especially convenient in a pinch, but the flavo…

Proper Coffee Storage

Coffee Storage Is Key For Freshness

True coffee lovers know that fresh coffee is actually something a bit difficult to come by. Since each step of the process to turn a coffee bean into a cup of hot, eye-opening liquid refreshment takes away from the natural flavor, time is not the coffee bean’s…

Todahs Coffeehouses

Coffeehouses Create A Place For Young, Old To Meet

The coffeehouses of the 21st century might owe their existence to the forerunners in the field, but they’re nothing like the gathering places of old Europe and Constantinople, or are they?

Unlike bars that serve up lots of mind-altering alcoh…

How to Buy Coffee

Buying Coffee Is An Art

It used to be a trip to the corner store netted a single choice or maybe two for the coffee lover. One-size-fits-all in a can to go, thank you very much. With the appreciation for coffee hitting an all-time high, this is no longer the case.

Choice, of course, is good fo…