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Todahs Coffeehouses

Coffeehouses Create A Place For Young, Old To Meet

The coffeehouses of the 21st century might owe their existence to the forerunners in the field, but they’re nothing like the gathering places of old Europe and Constantinople, or are they?

Unlike bars that serve up lots of mind-altering alcoh…

How to Buy Coffee

Buying Coffee Is An Art

It used to be a trip to the corner store netted a single choice or maybe two for the coffee lover. One-size-fits-all in a can to go, thank you very much. With the appreciation for coffee hitting an all-time high, this is no longer the case.

Choice, of course, is good fo…

Cafe Cubano

Cubans Have Added Their Own Flair To Coffee

The Italians might hold the credit for espresso and cappuccino, but the Cubans get the honor for modifying a similar mix. By adding some subtle variations to the traditional Italian recipes, the Cubans have created their own brand of coffee that’s like…

Coffee Roasting Process

Roasting Brings Out The Flavors In Coffee

Just like a master chef knows temperature, quality ingredients and skill are the components to a gourmet meal, a master coffee processor instinctively knows that the true test for a bean’s final flavor comes in the roasting process. One misstep and a per…

What is Espresso

Espresso Is An Italian Favorite

It’s a relative newcomer on the coffee scene considering coffee’s long history, but espresso is an Italian invention that’s made a huge impact since its arrival. Created at the beginning of the 20th century, espresso has undergone some changes in processing sinc…

History of Coffee

Coffee’s History Dates Back Centuries

It’s a mainstay in many households the world over with a commodity ranking of number two, just behind oil production. But how did the worldwide coffee craze get started and what exactly is the history of the little bean loved the globe over for the coffee i…

Cofee or Tea

Move Over Tea, Coffee’s Arrived

It’s been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, yet coffee doesn’t have the same demure reputation as its sipping cousin tea. Despite this, party hostesses know coffee can have an appeal all its own and make a real statement out of the meals its served with…

The Latte Difference

Avoiding The Latte, Au Lait Faux Paux

With coffeehouses becoming a mainstay on the American scene, the need for people to understand the subtle differences between a plain cup of Joe and a designer or “imported” drink is becoming evident. With so many choices, the only way to ensure the orderin…