Creating Modeling Poses

It’s a mistake to think that clients who book you are willing to walk you through a modeling session step by step. There are some aspects of modeling that they’ll expect you to know before you even walk in the door – like how to pose, for example.

During a busy season, a photographer won’t en…

Types of Modeling Poses

Despite how widely varied and beautiful models may be, they all use a set of standard poses to flaunt the clothing they wear or the style of hair that they’re wearing. There are even standard facial expressions to demonstrate the effect of cosmetic products or reactions to other commodities we use….

How to Keep My Modeling Jobs

Have you wet your feet in the modeling industry yet? Congratulations! But don’t stop now – you could be on your way to stardom just by following a few common sense tips.

Protect your promotional materials

This may go without saying, but you really should work to project your portfolio from th…